Let love be the reason

Exist in a state of love. Put love into everything you do.

Into conversations

Into work

Into relationships

Into every minute of consciousness

When you do something because of any other reason but love, know the reason and keep reminding yourself that you have got to eliminate that activity and the reason.

Only when the reason is love, things matter.

Eliminate everything else.

Eliminate people you don’t love.

Eliminate things you don’t love.


Eliminate. Let love be the only reason for every minute of existence.

Just go after things and people you love. 


In line with State of Love

As you more fully awaken to the love that you are, so your relationship with others must change.

Your ego defenses naturally begin dropping, as do your barriers to giving and receiving love. Others instinctively pick up on your vibration of self-acceptance, which instantly makes them feel safe in your company.

Because your self-sabotaging ego is losing it’s grip upon your identity, you no longer create toxicity, distraction or drama within your relationships. You simply do not have the time, energy nor inclination to spend anything other than pure, loving, and truthful time with people.

You can heal ALL your relationships by coming back to your authentic Self, which has as it’s only intention that of revealing the love within everything.

Now is a time for your relationships to become more deeply enriched and enlightening, as you do everything for Love. ♥

~ Sophie Bashford

Thank you for reading.

The purpose of this blog to help you find your happiness. Please read the other posts on the blog, and follow so that you get updates when new posts are published. Please share any posts you like with your friends so that they can also find their happiness. If you have any feedback for me, please leave in the comments and I would be happy to work on it.

I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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