A poem about a man

Today, here I come

To tell you a part of story

A long story, in a gist

The story of my life

In a poetic sum

Whence I was a child

I did not know what I want

I was confused, scared, timid and mild

I grew up to be a young man

Part of the human clan

But the confusion kept me company still

I would not know what I would eventually become

I would not know what I will

My thoughts, my desires kept changing

Some I couldn’t achieve, some I have

Every time I wanted something

Mostly to achieve the desire,

I have given it everything I have

My thoughts and desires and wants

Have made me the person who stands before you today

A very imperfect man

In many ways

But the truth is…

I don’t think I could have been otherwise

Given the way life moved

Including me as a part of the whole

I could not be any other way

Sometime back I started wondering whence from

My desires originated

Why have I always wanted what I wanted?

Have you ever questioned yourself so?

I think I have found part of the answer

And part I am still searching

I will soon bring forth the whole answer

And that will be my major offing.

Today I tell you my friends

We are nothing but a speck in the history of the world

Our desires, our wants

That we hold so dear

They originate within us

Like we originate within a woman’s womb

We are ordered by nature

The almighty powers, the wings of destiny

We are told every moment

Who we are going to be

We own nothing in this world

Not even our own desires

Man o man

Woman o woman

In a sum

We are like the seas, the rivers, the mountains

As natural as they are

Living an illusionary existence

Thank you for reading.

The purpose of this blog to help you find your happiness. Please read the other posts on the blog, and follow so that you get updates when new posts are published. Please share any posts you like with your friends so that they can also find their happiness. If you have any feedback for me, please leave in the comments and I would be happy to work on it.

I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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