Happy New Year

2015 is here, hither
Another new year, no?
Why make a big deal,
Why slither, hun?

Did the previous year’s matter
Did they?
If they didn’t matter as much as they should have,
Why didn’t they?
Isn’t the whole point, to matter?

The days pass us by
Followed by months
And then….the years
And we continue to live a life
Haunted by stereotypes, dictated by our fears

Remember, when you were a child, remember?
You did wish to make a difference….didn’t you?
What happened?
What happened?
Didn’t you wish to make a difference…..?
So did I.
We wonder why so difficult, it seems
To dust off the dust and read again, our dreams

Who told you life doesn’t work like this?
Who told you, we must compromise….
You must do this
You must do that
You can’t get what you want to
You do things because you have to
Do you remember that chat?

Something, somewhere went wrong
And it killed your song
The song in your blood streams
The song of your passion
The song of your happiness
The song of your dreams

When will a new year mean something?
A year that matters, matters to you
A year which brings back
The person you loved
A year that brings you back, to the real you

It’s easy
It’s easy to live a life of conspicuous comfort, superficial happiness
Another life, off the shelf
You can pretend and fool others about how you feel
You can’t fool yourself

2015 will pass away too
Adding another year to your history, to your age
It’s time you ask yourself….
“Will my dreams, my true self get a chance to fly, far away from the cage?”

No, we don’t know
If we will succeed
We don’t know fate, our lot
But we owe ourselves
For the sake of our happiness….
We owe ourselves a shot!

Happy New Year!

Amarwoman meditating on the beach in the Caribbean

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