Impact of sexism on our lives


The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men

Attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles

These are the dictionary definitions. Now, let’s try to understand this. We live in a difficult world. Women are accusing men of all sort of things and for most part, we deserve the blame. We suck as a gender and male history is replete with exploitation of women. That is the reason, one day, a group of urban middle class women proclaimed that henceforth, men should have no right to tell us to cook. Thereby, feminism was born.

Sexism is only a corollary of feminism. Sexism entails breaking gender stereotypes. For examples, why should only women be the cook and men not contribute to the kitchen, is a pertinent question. Basically, the idea of sexism is that men and women have no differences and therefore, there should be no discrimination to women on the basis of their sex or gender, whichever way you like it.

See, men should go around calling each other ‘bitch,’ gossiping and general chatter. Men should start wearing lingerie because it is sexist to say that only women should wear lingerie. If sexism gives equal rights to women, even men have the right to demand equal rights.

Women should be selling stocks in the stock market and that is supposed to be cool and if you find a woman talking about the ups and highs of the stock market, please ensure that you don’t lose your focus.

Women should be riding the bikes and two wheeler/s and men should be riding petite scooters. Why should girls have all the fun? Better yet, I suggest changes in the world of sports. The swimming costumes ought to be replaced. I don’t find it fair that men are always expected to show off their nipples and it is considered okay by the society at large.

I find it offensive that we are talking about Kim Kardashian’s talent on paper magazine and nobody cares about the talented men with great talents and nobody wants to focus on their talent. It is not fair that men’s nipples are always taken for granted. It is absolutely sexist.

I am all for feminism. I think women deserve equal rights in our society but I also believe in malism- men should also be given an equal opportunity at things which are considered are female fortresses.

Let’s just abolish all stereotypes. The problem is with the middle way. The problem is when we try to abolish some stereotypes and keep the other ones.

I would like to see a world devoid of sexism.

So, here is my list of equal rights for women:

 Women should be allowed to wear male swimsuits
 More women should be farmers and engaged in agricultural activity
 Women should refuse to bear children and push the scientific community to come up with solution so that men can bear children as well
 Women should initiate more dates; they should be wooing the men, rather than men trying to woo women. It’s a stereotype
 The next James Bond should be a woman

And, here are a few things I think men should be doing:

 Men should be wearing female swimsuits and lingerie
 Men should be homemakers while women work and take care of the household expenditure
 Men should try and bear children. I don’t care how, it’s a gender stereotype
 Nude men photography should be considered pieces of art
 Men should try to cook and mop and broom

I guess that’s about it, for now. Unless and until we break the natural stereotypes, the problem of feminism and sexism cannot be solved. I am with you, women, in this fight.

Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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