How does one define love?

Young couple outdoors, looking at each other
Young couple outdoors, looking at each other

In the book ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ there is a discussion around one of the protagonists who is not understood by his immediate family. He falls in love with a woman with whom he has a relationship, which is concealed from the larger society in the plot.

The writer says that he finds a home when he finds the woman who understands him and accepts him. Home is people who understand us and accept us with that understanding.

What does understanding really mean? What does it mean to understand?

To understand a person is understand their motivations. To understand a person is to understand why they do what they do. Love is being able to accept them with their vicissitudes and idiosyncrasies. That way, love is way beyond understanding.

It is possible to understand people and not being able to love them for they are not your idea of friendship or romantic love.

Funny, when I started writing this post, I thought I am going to write about love being understanding and have reached to a different conclusion during the course of writing.

A writer has rightly said, ‘how do I know what I think unless I see what I write?’

Love understands, and understanding is the first step; and not the most important step.

More importantly, love is acceptance.

Thank you for reading.

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