What would happen if birds could not fly?

Credit: Frank Cone. Pexels.

Have you ever imagined a world where birds could not fly?

You haven’t. Neither have I. Oh, well, until I didn’t. I recently did and wrote a book about it, here. Why would you want to understand a world like that? In other words, why did I write this book?

How many of us know what we are born to do in this life? Unfortunately, most of us are clueless about why we are born to start with. We never take the time to understand who we are, why our life matters. We don’t know if it matters.

We go about lives not really caring about what we are good at, and generally following a herd of unhappy people. Misery loves company. Misery doesn’t just love company. Misery also celebrates company. Misery also pretends that it’s not misery but happiness.

Self awareness is a rare trait. If only we took the time to understand ourselves, we would be more conscious about the actions we take, and why we choose to take them.

In a world where people hardly care to ask if they are happy, misery is the norm. This is World 2020. People are in lock-down celebrating jobs they hate, because well, at least they have jobs. It only makes sense right now, but would we ever move towards a world where people love their jobs and there is a high level of self-awareness in the society? The answer is unlikely, unfortunately. That is because most people don’t care. The ones who do care, no body cares about them, in general. It’s a mercenary and materialistic society. Perhaps, those two words mean the same thing but please allow me the impact.

Oh, we were talking about birds. Birds are good at flying but they figure that early in their lives. Apparently, they learn to fly in a few weeks, under the guidance of their parents. That’s because they learnt at some point that they were born to fly.

Have you ever imagined what the process was like?

What if they tried and they failed?

They would have tried again, and again, till they succeeded.

This is also our process of self-awareness till we understand who we are meant to be. You want to be self-aware, you will have to conduct experiments on yourself to figure what you are good at, and thereby, find a mission for your life.

Birds learn to fly, because they are born to fly.

What are you born to do?

I will leave you with an excerpt from the book The timeless story of the city where birds could not fly:

‘As the eagle guards were about to push Rustum, the parrot, he clenched his entire body and as they pushed him, he opened his wings.

They pushed him and instead of falling down, Rustum took flight. In the moment everyone expected him to die, Rustum was born again.

He flew. He flapped his wings, and he flew.

The entire community of birds in Kabala had never seen something like that before. They looked at him, awestruck, as he flew over them doing rounds of the clock tower.’

Birds fly because they are born to fly. What are you born to do?

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