12 reasons to choose people over things

We could go on and on and write more reasons why people matter and things don’t. No, even things matter, but in comparison to people you love, things do not matter. In life, you would be faced with situations where you need to choose between love and materialism. Choose love. Love will bring you happiness, the kind of happiness we speak about on this happiness blog. The kind of happiness things buy you would be way shallow than the happiness people who love you would bring to your life. Don’t let them go. Continue reading 12 reasons to choose people over things

30 ways to make other people happy (today!)

If you are a follower of this blog, you would know that I am obsessed with the idea of helping others find their happiness and that is how I find my happiness. The fact that you read piece to understand how you can make others happy means you are a beautiful person. You deserve happiness yourself. The only real way to make others happy is to infect them with the joy of life, and I hope you do that. Continue reading 30 ways to make other people happy (today!)

Will your money make you happy?

So, stop making mercenary money. Move in the direction of passion, of love, of meaning and of happiness. When you make money doing what you love, that money is way more valuable than mercenary money because it brings joy, meaning and happiness to your life. It takes away the pain of work and makes work worthy and enjoyable. Wouldn’t you want that? Continue reading Will your money make you happy?

Compromise kills your life

The golden rule of a compromise, however, is that if it feels wrong, it most likely is wrong. You are the only judge who can decide if compromise in a particular situation is the right thing. If it leaves you without any emotional scars, the compromise is in most likelihood, not a bad thing. However, if you suffer because of the compromise, you are compromising way too much than you should. Continue reading Compromise kills your life

Age is just a number-stop caring about it

Mark Twain was right. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. If you do mind, it would matter. I plead with you to not let age matter. Too many people in the world are living grim, monotonous, dull and clumsy lives just because they think that they are too old to change and learn to live a new kind of life. They think they are too old to find love. They think they are too old to start a new career in an area they are actually passionate about. Don’t let that person be you. Do not let age matter. Age only matters when you are dead. Continue reading Age is just a number-stop caring about it

How to stop procrastination and start living?

Well, if there was no later, you would perhaps find yourself using the word later not as frequently as you do. You would make the time to do the things that you care about. You would make time for people you love. You would make time for finding your purpose, passion and happiness and that’s exactly what you should do. We don’t know if there is a later, and we should live our lives as if there is no later. Continue reading How to stop procrastination and start living?

How to deal with people who don’t understand you

The key to making people understand you is to help them see your motivations. You behave the way you do because you are motivated by a certain set of things. The problem arises when people in your life do not understand what drives you. It could be your craving for love or for freedom. It could be your desire to create your life in a certain way. It could be regarding your identity or anything else that they don’t understand. People who love you want you to be happy. That should be their reason to try and understand you. If they don’t want to see you happy, then their reasons for the relationship are misplaced, no matter who they are. Do your best to help people understand you, but don’t stake your life on it. Continue reading How to deal with people who don’t understand you

30 ways to be really happy alone

In order to be happy in your own company, you need to build a relationship with yourself as your best friend, because that’s what you truly are. You don’t need company for the heck of company because you can be truly happy alone, and that would give you tremendous confidence that when enter into a relationship, you are not being dependent, but interdependent. Continue reading 30 ways to be really happy alone

Is infinite happiness possible?

We are mortals here and are given a limited amount of time. So, it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to be happy. The purpose of our lives is to find our happiness and once we have found it, to help other people find it in their lives. We can’t be happy all the time but we should be happy as much as we can. We are alive, and we didn’t earn life. There will be pain. It is a given and inevitable. That shouldn’t stop us from seeking our happiness and clinging on it when we find it. That shouldn’t stop us from looking for our happiness and not stopping till we find it. Hold on to your joy, till you can, because it is certain that it will be taken away by pain, and you will need to earn it again. That is the continuum of life. Continue reading Is infinite happiness possible?