What are emotions-why do they matter

Emotions are how we feel. Emotions are the real feedback and output of life. If you feel positive emotions like happiness, contentment or love, your life is headed in the right direction. If you consistently feel negative emotions like frustration, guilt, hatred or regret, there is something wrong, and you need to really fix your life. Emotions do not lie. Pay attention to them. There is nothing else more important in your life than how you feel. Continue reading What are emotions-why do they matter

Emotional pain- how to handle it

Be happy, for everyone needs a smile and a laugh, even the ones who are in deep pain. It does not help to delve and invest in pain. It stays the same or gets worse. If you are upset, you cannot help anyone. If you are down, you cannot pick anyone up. Be the one to lend out a hand, when they need it. Cry if you must, alone. The world needs a smiling face; it needs people who can make others smile and laugh, no matter what. It takes courage to smile when you want to cry. Find that courage, from wherever you will. Go around. Make them glad to see you. Don’t see the ones you are not glad to see yourself. Continue reading Emotional pain- how to handle it