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The Happiness Encyclopedia

Well, this is what we have for you on the encyclopedia of happiness, so far. However, like this blog, this post is a work in progress. There are other posts on this blog beyond this encyclopedia but these are the most significant ones. Going forward, we will update this post on happiness encyclopedia with more insights on how to live a happy life, which is the purpose of this blog. Frankly, that seems to be the purpose of my life as well-to make the world an inspired and happier place. Continue reading The Happiness Encyclopedia

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41 ways to deal with hard times in your life

I hope this post will help you deal with the difficult times you face. I sincerely believe that all of us are capable of dealing with what life throws at us, only if we believe in our abilities and stand tall in times of crisis. I will leave you with an immortal quote by the great Helen Keller:

Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. Continue reading 41 ways to deal with hard times in your life