What is love, really?

Love is an emotion we feel towards people who love us, who understand and accept us as who we are. Love is passion we feel for things we feel drawn towards because doing them makes us happy. If you want to be happy, this is my advice- do things and people you love. Continue reading What is love, really?

Happiness and success- happiness IS success

You will have the answer. I promise. Look into the eyes of the person who is looking at you. Those eyes don’t lie. You don’t have to answer this question in front of anyone else. It doesn’t matter. Happiness is felt, inside of you. It doesn’t need social justification. We are not answerable to ANYONE for our happiness. Continue reading Happiness and success- happiness IS success

In search of love and happiness

The light inside, which is the light of our true selves, talks to us. It talks to us all the time. If we pay attention and listen to it, it shines bright like the light of a candle. If we don’t listen to it for a long time, it dies. The light dies. When it dies, we feel lost. We don’t know why we are doing what we are doing and where does it all lead. Material comforts stop giving us any pleasure. We are confused and lost, in spite of the world telling us that we are doing well. The world doesn’t know us. It has no clue. Listen to the light inside. Continue reading In search of love and happiness

Make happy memories

Here’s what I am saying. Don’t take a short cut approach to life. More importantly, don’t take a short cut approach to people. If you take casually the moments you spend with them- treat them indifferently, use them for marginal short-term gains, be insolent and hurtful to them-perhaps they will forgive you to cure their hurt, but they will never forget what you did to them.  Continue reading Make happy memories