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How to grieve the loss of a loved one?

In the silence, you realize the gravity of what you have just gone through, and you cry, when nobody is watching. You cry, and somewhere when those tears pass through your eyes and trickle down your face, they make you accept what life has just done to you, and that you must move on. That life is a continuous circle, that you have responsibilities, and that you can’t stop, and that you can’t die with the dead. Continue reading How to grieve the loss of a loved one?

10 Steps to let go of the past and move on

Getting over your past can be difficult, especially if it was painful. However, the truth is that life is always moving irrespective of us. Life doesn’t quite care if we move with its pace or not. Therefore, in order for us to live our lives with happiness and fulfillment, we need to get rid of the emotions from our past that cause us pain. The past is dead, and we need to live our lives with the present. For good or for bad, we cannot live our lives in the past, and hence, there is no option besides letting go. Continue reading 10 Steps to let go of the past and move on

Good Times Bad Times – Stay Happy

It is difficult to be happy in hard times. However, since it is important, we need to find ways to do it. The key to finding happiness in difficult times is to first accept the pain, and then look beyond it, for there is a life still to be lived. All pain is temporary, just like happiness, and it will be over. To find happiness in hard times, we need to do focus hard on our blessings, and ways to beat the adversity. The human will has shown again and again that no adversity can keep it down. So, as long as you can keep your head above water, you will sail through. Happiness is the hope, so find some, no matter where you are in life. Continue reading Good Times Bad Times – Stay Happy

Is infinite happiness possible?

We are mortals here and are given a limited amount of time. So, it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to be happy. The purpose of our lives is to find our happiness and once we have found it, to help other people find it in their lives. We can’t be happy all the time but we should be happy as much as we can. We are alive, and we didn’t earn life. There will be pain. It is a given and inevitable. That shouldn’t stop us from seeking our happiness and clinging on it when we find it. That shouldn’t stop us from looking for our happiness and not stopping till we find it. Hold on to your joy, till you can, because it is certain that it will be taken away by pain, and you will need to earn it again. That is the continuum of life. Continue reading Is infinite happiness possible?

Emotional pain- how to handle it

Be happy, for everyone needs a smile and a laugh, even the ones who are in deep pain. It does not help to delve and invest in pain. It stays the same or gets worse. If you are upset, you cannot help anyone. If you are down, you cannot pick anyone up. Be the one to lend out a hand, when they need it. Cry if you must, alone. The world needs a smiling face; it needs people who can make others smile and laugh, no matter what. It takes courage to smile when you want to cry. Find that courage, from wherever you will. Go around. Make them glad to see you. Don’t see the ones you are not glad to see yourself. Continue reading Emotional pain- how to handle it