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If you learn how to believe in yourself and have faith in yourself, you would never be hopeless on the journey of your dreams, for there would always be at least one person who believes in you. They say and it is true that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

If you want to live a happy and beyond ordinary life, it would help to know how to believe in yourself. It is even more important to know how to believe in yourself, when nobody does.

Some of most successful and fulfilled people in the world have reached there because of their high levels of self-belief. They believed in their dreams before those dreams became reality.

Believing in yourself doesn’t come naturally. You need to realize the importance of believing in yourself and the benefits of believing in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, you have the freedom to chase your dreams, at least from one person.

So, always believe in yourself even if you are the only person who does that. Let us see a few reasons why believing in yourself is critical to a fulfilling life.

1. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will

When you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else would have a reason to. If you want to achieve anything, you cannot do it without self-belief. Therefore, you need to have at least one person believe that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Think about it. If you want to do a long jump of 10 feet and you believe you cannot do it, there is no way you would be do it. The reason is that your actions would follow your beliefs. If you believe that you can jump 10 feet, you would work hard and prepare to jump 10 feet since it is not easy. If you don’t believe that you can jump 10 feet, your actions would follow your belief.

So, if you want to achieve something, it only makes sense you believe in yourself that you can do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody would be inspired to believe in you either. They don’t know if you can jump 10 feet. They can’t do it themselves and they don’t care because that’s not one of their goals.

You need to care because it is a goal for you. If you want to do it, you must believe that you can do it with hard work and preparation in some time, considering you can’t do it at the moment.

2. As you believe in yourself, you make progress

If you believe in your ability to do something, you work hard towards it, and hence you make progress. You work on something consistently, you improve at it, and get closer to the goal.

If you don’t believe in your ability mentally, your body would not respond to the challenge, and hence you won’t make any progress towards your goal.

Progress follows self-belief.

3. When you believe in yourself, others want to help you

Most people do not do stuff that’s hard and difficult. Think about it. When do we really need self-belief? We need self-belief when we are attempting stuff that seems impossible, and that not many people have achieved.

You don’t really need self-belief to do easy tasks. You don’t need belief to make a cup of tea. It’s easy. Anyone can do it.

Believe in yourself.
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Only when you need to do something that’s hard, you need self-belief. When you believe in yourself, others want to help you. So, when you ask for help, they are interested since they know that you are attempting something that they find hard to do themselves.

4. You cannot succeed at anything without self-belief

It is plain and simple. Just like you cannot jump 10 feet without believing in yourself, you can’t achieve anything without self-belief. If you want to succeed at anything worth doing, believing in yourself is a pre-requisite.

So, find the belief that rests inside you. Only you can go inside yourself and find it.

5. Belief in yourself makes you courageous

Be bold.
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Courage is an important attribute in the journey of life. When you are bold, you are able to do things that most people aren’t simply because they lack the guts to do it. Courage is one of the most important traits of life, and nobody who ever achieved anything worthwhile did it without courage.

6. Believing in yourself means you think you will make it

When you believe in yourself, you think you will make it. Life is hard, and so is the process of achieving your dreams. If there is test to see whether you believe in yourself or not, it is your answer to the question if you think you will make it, and achieve success.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”-Henry Ford

This quote by Henry Ford, summarizes how important belief in yourself is. He was one of the most successful industrialists the world has seen, who invested the Model T which led to the revolution in the automotive industry. Ford would know how important it is to have faith.

7. When you believe in yourself, you inspire others to believe in them

Inspire others to believe in themselves.
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The world is an infectious place. We infect others with our energy, be it positive or negative. When you believe in yourself to achieve your dreams, you inspire others to believe in themselves as well, making the world a better place. The world needs more people to believe in themselves to go after their dreams so that the world can be a happier place.

8.  The power of self-belief makes you emotionally stronger

Emotions are the output of life. When you believe in yourself, you find yourself emotionally stronger. The journey of achieving your dreams is difficult, and there would be moments when only your belief in yourself would allow you to keep going.

The world is a tough place and it brings you down quite often. A lot of people give up on their journey because they get demotivated as the criticism gets overwhelming and they can’t take it anymore.

People with high levels of self-belief do not give up in spite of the criticism. The beliefs of others don’t matter to them and they do what they believe in, because they believe that they are right. Only people who are able to have a high level of self-belief are able to do things that they care about, because the journey is always full of setbacks.

9. Self-belief builds confidence

Self-belief makes you confident since it makes you act and the more you act, the more you grow. When you try new things, you don’t know what would work and what would not. Self-belief builds confidence through a process of trial and error. You do something, you learn, and you do better the next time. The more you work, the more confident.

10. Self-belief comes from action

It is an important question to ask where does self-belief comes from. Considering it is so important, we should know where to find belief. The source of self-belief is action and your past actions that make you belief that you can do what you are trying to do. In the beginning, we may need a little push from others.

Think about a child. When a child is born, he/she knows nothing about life. However at some point they start learning how thing work. Do you remember how you learnt to ride a bicycle? I do. I fell so many times and I was quite little, under 10 years of age. Where did the belief come from? It didn’t come from myself. I didn’t know that I could ride a bicycle but it came from my father who pushed me to learn.

However, since I learnt to ride a bicycle and over years learnt to study, drive a car, and do other things, the next time I have to learn something new, I know since I have done something difficult in the past, I can do it again.

11. Self-belief allows you to take risks

Most people do not have the capacity to take risks. They think they would fail, and that’s true. Risks have an inherent possibility of failure. However, a person who has high self-belief would be able to take more risks than the one who doesn’t because he believes that he could succeed, while the other doesn’t.

Taking risks could elevate your life by a significant level and we should be looking forward to such risks, where there is a high possibility of improvement in the quality of life.

12. Self-belief leads to a fulfilling life

The power of self-belief allows you to live a fulfilling life
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People with a high level of self-belief have less regrets in life because they are able to devote time to things they find fulfilling. Most people do not have a high level of self-belief and they doubt their ability to create a life on their own. That’s why they need someone to follow, and someone else’s vision to fulfil.

They are not able to go after their own vision for life. If you want to go after your own vision for life, and design your life the way you want to, you need a high level of belief on yourself.

13. All new creation is an outcome of self-belief

Anybody who has done anything new in the world has done it because of self-belief. Thomas Edison famously failed in the creation of the light bulb about 10000 times but he said that he didn’t fail at all. It just turned out to be a 10000 step process.

Think about how and why people go through failure after failure. They do it because they believe that they are making progress and eventually they would make it. Nothing great was ever achieved without someone believing in themselves.

14. You are what you say to yourself

Your thoughts about your life and what you think about it determine the quality of life you live. What you say to yourself about yourself matters more than what anybody says to you about you.

What others think about you is immaterial. All that truly matters is what you think about yourself. The extent your life would work would be directly proportional to the level of your self-belief.

15. When you believe in yourself, you have no regrets

Most people die with regrets inside their hearts. They are not able to do the things they crave to do because they believe that they can’t quite achieve those. Making your dreams come true is hard, and it requires a lot of confidence and trust in your ability to do it. It comes from tremendous amount of belief.

When you believe in yourself and your ability to make something meaningful of your life, you have zero regrets, even if you don’t succeed, because you tried to make your dreams a reality and gave them all you had.

I hope this post has helped you understand the importance believing in yourself. The beauty of believing in yourself is that once you do that, your body and your mind respond and spur you to take action. Life is a game of attitude. We act as we think.

If we can think better, we would act better. I am here to tell you that no matter what happens, you should always belief in yourself, because your instincts can’t go wrong. The fact that you are drawn to a goal organically, then you have the ability to achieve it.

If you can dream it, you can do it- Walt Disney

If you believe in your ability to do something, you would do everything that’s necessary to do it. Considering the source of belief is your conditioning and the things you have done in the past, it is important to understand that the more you believe in yourself and turn those things into reality, the easier it will become for you in future to find self-belief.

I hope you believe in your ability to turn your dreams into reality, and one day all your dreams would come true. When they do, I would be happy to have played a small part in a small moment of your life, when you read this piece.

Thank you for reading.

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