Age is just a number-stop caring about it

As we go through life and the passing years, it is normal to ask- does age matter in life? Our decisions through the course of our years would be so different depending on how we answer that question. What do you think-does age matter in relationships? Does age matter at work?

Age doesn’t matter as long as you are alive. It only matters when you are dead. As long as you are alive, you can change and transform your life. You may be as old as 80 and you can still do things that many people thought impossible. The society we live is full of examples of people who have transformed their lives at different ages.

Not all of us find our happiness early and if happiness is the only true goal of life, why should be let our age come in the way?

Does age matter in life?

No. Age doesn’t matter in life.

Why should age matter in a life where people evolve at different pace and understand themselves at their own rhythm, in a society where talents and resources are not evenly distributed? Why should all of us live a similar kind of a life?

Most people in the world around us are living a similar kind of a life. A lot of lives look like this- Get a job in 20’s, find a partner, get married in late 20’s or early 30’s, have kids and retire by late 50’s or 60’s and then prepare to die for the rest of the days.

Most of their years look and feel the same. They go to office, do the same thing for years, raise a family alongside and die. Their next generation which has seen them doing this believes that is life and they continue to the same old morbid routine.

That is because we give way too much importance to age and conformity to the general schedule. Why should our lives have a general schedule? Who gets to decide that? In a world where most people live boring, unhappy and monotonous lives, the general schedule sucks.

Age does not matter in professional life

What the hell is a normal career? Over 85% of the world does work that they don’t like. Why do we not consider this perverse? It is a horrible data point about a world where people give too much importance to age.

Age doesn't matter if you do what you love.
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When people hate their jobs, our focus professionally needs to be on how to nudge back people in directions where they would begin to enjoy their work again, and thereby creating more meaning and purpose in their work lives.

That should be the discussion. Instead, we are at a point where almost the entirety of the world’s working population besides a few exceptions is doing work they don’t emotionally connect with, and that’s a terrible way to live your professional life.

If you are on the wrong side of 30’s or 40’s and feel stuck in your career, what should you do?

Just because you realized your mistakes about the kind of career you should be having a little late in life, should you subject yourself to a life of monotony and boredom just because you think, or the society tells you that you are too old? Why should you do that?

To hell with the society and what it thinks. What you need to do is to start creating the new career for yourself, beginning now.

Age only matters when you are dead.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

A Chinese Proverb

What if you realize you have been going in the wrong direction late in life?

If you realize that you have been going in the wrong direction for most of your working life, the earlier you fix what’s broken, the better. That way you would be able to live the rest of your working life in a meaningful and positive way.

Have there been people who found their true calling after 40’s or rather late in their lives? There have been several people in the past and the list includes some of the finest brands in world like Armani, which Giorgio Armani started after hitting his 40’s.  Several other examples exist of entrepreneurs, artists, writers who succeeded a little late in life and found their true calling.

You should not let your age stop you from finding your true calling and purpose in your professional life. If you are stuck right now, take some time to figure out, but figure out you must and not age stop you from finally doing the kind of work you aspire to do.

Age only matters when you are dead.

Age does not matter in love

Age doesn't matter in love.
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Love does.

That’s the most important thing we need to remember about relationships. We live in a world where most people never find true love. Especially, in India, even in 2020, arranged marriage is a phenomenon where couples marry each other after having met only a few times if they are lucky, and that too under the guidance of their parents and their families.

It doesn’t matter if you are younger or older than your partner. It doesn’t matter how old is the age difference as long as you are not indulging in necrophilia, for the sake of exaggeration. What matters really is that you love, admire and care for your partner. If you do that, do hell with age.

Frankly, if the age difference is a lot, there could be certain problems. For example, if you or your partner is beyond 50 or 60, you may not want to have kids because by the time the kids are 20 or 30, you would be quite old as well, and it wouldn’t probably make sense to become parents at a certain age.

However, should you give up a loving partner because you can’t have kids?

It’s a question that depends from person to person. I wouldn’t. To me, to be able to love and being loved is the most important part in a relationship and hence I wouldn’t let anything else besides mutual love for each other be the deciding factor for a relationship.

Find someone you love, who loves you. To hell with age.

Age only matters when you are dead.

Age does not matter if you don’t care

Mark Twain famously said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Stop caring about age

Stop caring about age and live your life. Find love. Seek meaningful work. Discover your happiness.

The society is misguided and nobody told us earlier to go and find our happiness. I am touching 40 next year and I haven’t yet completely found my happiness, and I am trying to, by trying to help you find your happiness.

What if most of us ended up walking in the wrong direction in love and career for most of our lives chasing dreams we shouldn’t have been chasing to impress people we shouldn’t have cared about to start with?

Reboot your life

Reclaim your life, no matter how old you are. Reclaim your happiness. Do not compromise with misery just because you have reached a certain age, and the society tells you that you are too old for change. Remember, they are miserable and misery loves company.

It will take work. You will be required to do things that you have never made the time to do for most of your life. It will take introspection and self-awareness because without self-awareness, there is no happiness. You would need to ask yourself about the things that turned you on as a child, as a young adult, and that you have now forgotten. Rekindle everything that turns you on. Weed out toxic relationships from your life and rebuild a foundation of love.

Does your age matter?

The question we should be asking is not whether age matters, but whether your age matters.

Mark Twain was right. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Whilst you do mind, it would matter. I plead with you to not let age matter. Too many people in the world are living grim, monotonous, dull and clumsy lives just because they think that they are too old to change and learn to live a new kind of life, too old to find love, or are too old to start a new career in an area they are actually passionate about. Don’t let that person be you. Do not let age matter. Age only matters when you are dead.

Thank you for reading.

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