Don’t give up. Don’t quit- A poem

don't quit on your dreams
Do not quit.

What does it mean to quit? This poem hopes to inspire you, when things get tough on the road. They will get tough, and you would be tested. Don’t quit on your dreams.

When the roads seem hazy
When the mind seems to scatter
When toil fades into the vacuum
When nothing seems to matter

There are things you put at risk;
The comfort of conformity
The convenience of the known,
You chose to venture alone…
Venture forth into the unknown

It was never meant to be easy
If it was easy, most people would do it
To take the unknown, the uncharted takes grit and spark;
It takes a leap of faith to start walking into the dark

There will be days you won’t know
Where you are headed,
There will doubts, confusion and insecurity,
There will be the attack of fear, of failure, the dreaded.

Should you quit?
Should you give up?

When the question is a life of pretense, you must give up.
When you have to suppress yourself, you must give up.
When money is the only motivation, you must give up.
When you feel empty inside, you must give up.

But don’t give up when it’s a question of your dreams.
Don’t give up when the world screams.
Don’t give up because you can’t see the way.
Don’t give up when there is no difference between work and play.
Don’t give up even when the progress is painfully slow.
Don’t give up when you feel down, deserted and low.
Don’t give up even when you they tell you-you are selfish.
Don’t give up even when you, sometimes, yourself wish.
Don’t give up at any cost, no matter what comes to you.
Don’t give up no matter how bleak the view

What are you going to give up on?
When you know now that this is who you are,
When you have come this far
When you have come this far

You have come this far
And there is nothing you lack
You may have to unlearn the lessons of the past
But now there is no looking back
There is no looking back

There is no looking back
Not now, not tomorrow, not for a bit
No matter what you do
You just won’t quit.

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