Fuck society – stop caring!

Fuck society, if you want to be happy.

That’s the way to find your happiness. That may be the only way to find your happiness. You need to free yourself from a society of miserable fucks. A society that’s stuck in pain, conformity and lack of happiness is not worthy of emulating. A society that’s stuck in materialism and wasteful pretence is not worthy of emulating.

Now, this piece is not about exceptions. There are honorable exceptions to all of the points made in this article but the exceptions are a few. They don’t represent the majority. This piece is about how the majority of the society functions, which is a miserable way to function.

We need to build a new society. A happier society. A caring and compassionate society. But this society of the 21st century must go fuck itself.

Do you think I have a problem with the society?

Of course, you are right, I have problems with the society. Here is a long list why we should fuck society.

1. Society is miserable

The society is miserable- so, fuck society. Since the society is a group of miserable people comforting each other, it is not worth emulating. Misery likes company. Why would you want to give company to a gang of miserable people?

Years ago, I read a story about crab mentality. Basically, it means that when crabs are placed in box, one of them could easily escape but the others don’t let it. It is effectively translated into if I can’t have it, why would I let you?

The crab mentality is so deep seated in humans that it is difficult NOT to see it. It is right in front of us all the time. The society is full of crabs pretending to be human beings. They can’t achieve success at their terms and hence they don’t want to let others find success at their terms either.

How is that admirable behaviour?

It is not. This is most of the society. In fact, it is difficult to find people who follow their dreams who are happy to look at others following their dreams either. The population of people trying to follow their dreams is so small to start with, that this should be a small community who does everything possible to help each other out, but the crab mentality plays out in this set of people as well.

Most human beings behave like crabs. They are miserable, inside their buckets or boxes, and doomed. They should be helping each other out, because life is tough to start with. Instead helping each other, they are busy clawing at each other’s dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Fuck society.

2. Society is running on shallow materialistic facades

The society prides itself on shallow display of materialistic goods. That’s the source of its pride. People go to jobs they hate to make money they should be ashamed of, but rather they buy stuff with that money and show it to people who find it respectable.

The middle class denigrates prostitutes because they sell their body for money. Most of the middle class sells their soul for money and they think prostitutes are lowly in character. Imagine sitting all day at a job you hate because you want to raise a family because what else is there to life and buy things you don’t need.

I despise materialism so much that I am almost waging a war against it through my writing. I can’t stand people busy showing off their stuff to other people who are showing off their stuff to them making life a meaningless rat race. There are people who are currently living a life from one smartphone to other smartphone and that’s how they justify their jobs.

Materialism is a curse. Fuck society
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Materialism has made the society a shallow and meaningless place. People don’t have depth. If you don’t know what depth is, you should try reading this piece.

I like people who have depth in their person. I like people who understand themselves and live a life in consonance with their views about themselves. No wonder, I am quite a lonely guy writing a blog on happiness.

Fuck society.

3. Lack of ability to dream

Most people in the society don’t dare to dream. They want to live predictable lives that their previous generations have lived, and they are fine with that. Those who dare to dream are called out as fools and rebels, living in a fool’s paradise or a bookish world.

The problem with dreams is that they take time to realize and there is a period of experimentation involved. It doesn’t turn into a financial success immediately, which troubles most people used to a monthly salary. The problem with monthly salary is that it makes people unaccustomed by uncertainty of working for yourself.

When you work for yourself, money comes in spurts, small or large, and there are lean periods sometimes, depending on the nature of the work. Most people can’t bear this because their generations have been used to a monthly paycheque and they can’t stand the uncertainty of dreams.

The truth is dreams are the pathway to happiness. But, most people will never walk on that path because they are addicted to the monthly paycheck. Thereby, they would never be truly happy.

Fuck society.

4. Unhappy romantic relationships

Most marriages in India and even the rest of the world are unhappy marriages. Now, your partner is arguably the most important person in your life. That person needs to be happy for your life to work properly. I mentioned India specifically here because even in the 21st century, there is a retarded institution called arranged marriages where families marry families and the couple doesn’t really have ample time to understand themselves.

Unhappy relationships cause pain to both partners. Fuck society, and get out of them
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Marriage are such a complicated set-up that it is so important that only people with similar values marry each other, otherwise the relationship won’t be a happy one. Even in love marriages, it becomes difficult because it’s really after living together that people get to understand each other, and only a countable number of couples live together before their marriages. The values match is even more difficult in case of arranged marriages.

This results in most marriages being unhappy, which makes 50% of your life unhappy since personal life is quite important for the rest of your life. When your personal life is fucked up, it carries over to the rest of your life, which is professional and social as well, resulting in wholesome sadness.

Marriages should be based on a match of personal values or they shouldn’t happen. But does the society care?

F*** society.

5. People have kids to fulfill their own dreams

People don’t have kids so that they can give their kids a happy life. They have kids so that they can use the lives of their kids of fulfil their own dreams. That results in destroyed childhoods and destroyed adulthoods.

At this point, I know of many doctors, engineers working as doctors, engineers when they didn’t want to be doctors and engineers. It sucks! I also know of several engineers who are writers and stand-up comedians. They finished their engineering to satisfy their families but they could not take the pressure anymore and therefore, revolted at last. There are families where fathers don’t speak to their kids because they went their own way in careers or choice of partners.  

If you want to have kids so that you can use their lives to fulfil your own dreams, you should try buying puppets and not have kids. Kids are human beings with their own set of beliefs and when you impose your own beliefs on them, you ruin their lives for good. We need to fix this culture, or we are doomed.

Fuck society.

6. Reproduction

Why do you want to have kids when you are not happy yourself? What kind of life would you give them? How would you be able to tell them to follow their dreams when you don’t know what that feels like?

The reason the society doesn’t seem quite different from one generation to other generations besides for the size of toys people have, is that the values don’t change. We need a drastic change in values, and aspirations. People who don’t know what self-awareness feels like would not be able to guide their kids to find themselves. People who don’t know what the journey of chasing your dreams feels like, would not be able to guide their kids on the same journey.

So, the more the society changes, the more it looks the same. Kids are born, and the society turns them into machines who are supposed to live their lives competing with other machines, first in marks, then in social status, then in family growth, then in material accumulation and the cycle goes on.

Nobody is happy because happiness is not discussed only, since nobody understand what happiness is, and how one can find it.


Fuck society.

7. Loneliness

Lonely in a crowd.
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People have families, but they are lonely because they feel no deep connection with their families. The families are a unit a social pretence so that you can tell the world that you have a family, and versa.

Home is not people you are born into. Home is not the person you marry. Home is people who understand you. Most people in the society are homeless, although they live in beautiful houses.

There are people around us, who do not understand us, and we need new people who would understand us, but that can only happen if we understand ourselves.

F*** society.

8. Well-paying jobs killing the soul

The salaries that people receive in their jobs have improved but the jobs don’t feed the soul. They feed the stomach alright but since companies don’t hire people based on their strengths and aptitude, and people don’t apply to jobs basis those, we have a massive army of unhappy employees smoking their expensive cigarettes in office breaks, as they tell themselves that life is good.

Unhappy at work. Fuck society, and do what you love
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If you don’t like your work, it is killing you slowly. You just don’t see it yet. This is the case with the majority of the society. How is that worthy?

Fuck society.

9. Indifference abound

In spite of all of these challenges facing us, we don’t really care. We are fine pretending our way to glory, posting pictures on social media showing off our well curated life, as we rot inside.

Rich and sad. Be happy, not rich. Fuck society
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People do not admit that something is rotten here and if we don’t admit it, how are we ever going to solve the problems that face us? We need to first start by admitting that these problems exist, and only then we can begin to solve them. However, I doubt that we are ready since most people I know won’t even agree with this piece. They would say that I am some lunatic writing my crazy ideas on the internet, that I live in my own bookish world. May be that’s true, but I like my world. I am honest about the challenges I face to make my world a better world, while I fight the indifference of the society.

Fuck society.

10. Hey, I just want you to be happy

I know, I have been quite critical of the society in this piece and I don’t want to soften my stand. However, my intentions are earnest. I want a happy world. I want people to be happy. I want work places to be happy where people do work that excites them. I want families to be happy, where people help each other fulfill their dreams. I want to live in a happy world, where frowns are frowned upon, and not smiles.

That’s my dream. the kind of world I want to live in, where I don’t have to say F*** society anymore. That is my dream.

John Lennon would agree.

fuck society
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Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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