Passion: Meaning and how to find your passion

Passion can change your life and the experience of it. Passion with purpose can change the world. In this post, we would attempt to explain the meaning of passion, and how to find to your passion.

Today, we are going to address an important question, which is the subject of a lot of debate on the internet.

Is passion important?

Since this is the happiness blog, is passion important for happiness?

Can you be happy without finding your passion? Can you be happy without being passionate at your work or your relationships?

The great Steve Jobs once said, ‘’People with Passion Can Change the World for the better.’

Steve jobs said people with passion can change the world

What does that mean? Why is passion so important?

There are 2 kinds of people in the world.

1. People who are not passionate about anything

People who are not passionate about what they do, do it because they have to do it. You are born, you can’t really kill yourself, so you do what most people do and live a life where you are basically excited about nothing.

If you meet them and talk to them about their work, they won’t be keen because it doesn’t inspire them. They do it because it pays the bills. They do it because their job allows them to buy luxuries like a big house, a big car and things like that. Materialistic possessions become the reason why they do things and that’s what they talk about.

Since they are not passionate in their work, it doesn’t drive their life and since work is a major part of our lives, most of their time is spent dealing with work as pain. They wait for the weekends to do some of the things they may be interested in but they don’t seek passion.

They may be passionate in their relationships but since they haven’t really experienced what is means to be passionate, they don’t really care about passion and meaning.

2. People with passion

People with passion run the world. More importantly, people with passion are happy. Look around you. The entrepreneurs of the world are the real set of people who make things happen because they can’t over it.

Bill Gates (passionate about computing)

Elon Musk (Clean energy, space)

Jeff Bezos (E-commerce)

People with passion are obsessed with what they do, and they can forever talk about it. They love what they do so much that it drives them day and night. They breathe what they do. Their belief in passion also allows them to make passion a pre-requisite for other areas of their life.

Not just entrepreneurs, anybody who inspires you does so, because they are passionate about something. They could be writers, comedians, Olympians or anyone else.

Usain Bolt is is a passionate athlete

The world is run on passion and there is a minority that’s running it. Unfortunately, people with passion are a few and far between. However, this group leads the world.

Can passion be cultivated or it is inborn?

Passion can be cultivated. The good news is all of us can find what we are passionate about. It is a thinking system. It is a mind-set and we can work on the mind-set.

How to find your passion?

There can be multiple different ways to approach it and I recommend that you try all of them till you find it.

A. Experiment

Try new things that you have never done before. These could be around you and in your vicinity. Read about what’s happening in the world and see what piques your interest. Try it. See how you feel.

Once you have tried a bunch of new things, you would most likely be drawn towards something naturally. We all have natural inclinations and they push us toward things.

B. Analyse your life and see what you enjoyed in the past

Think about certain moments in your life where you did something that was difficult for other people but effortless for you. You felt you were in a nature state and time just passed by beautifully. It didn’t feel like a strain, which it would in a job that you hate.

The difference between a passionate person and non-passionate person is that the passionate person is doing things which he/she really enjoys doing. Therefore, a non-passionate person can become a passionate person as long as they make the effort to find out what is it that turns them on.

C. Constantly be feeling

Now, this may sound a little complicated but the point is that you would feel different when you find your passion. Your time will feel meaningful and you would enjoy what you are doing. You would feel like you could do it most of your time, and you wouldn’t feel tired.

Keep searching for that feeling that you find it.

D. Meaning

When you find passion, you would be able to find meaning in your days. There is a lot of difference between leading a life which lacks meaning vs. doing something that you value. When you find meaning, you will feel that your days matter, and that you are able to make the world a better place in your own way.

Only when more and more people do what they are passionate about, the world will be a better place.

How do you differentiate between passionate people and non-passionate people?

In a room, you would know. People with passion are excited about life. They talk passionately since they are talking with enthusiasm, look for their kind, who are interested in what they are interested in. The passionate don’t like to waste their days meaninglessly. They give their best to their job.

If you are hiring someone for a job, hire a passionate person over a non-passionate person. Somebody who is passionate about the job will outdo the one who has more experience but doesn’t enjoy the job.

Make friends with passionate people. They are interesting to be around because they are interested in what they do. They would infect you with their passion and enthusiasm for life.

Should you make an effort to find your passion?

Absolutely. Do whatever it needs to be done to find what turns you on, using some of the strategies mention in the article. The goal is to find out what is it that you enjoy doing so much that it doesn’t feel like work and you can use it to make the world a better place.

Imagine if birds did not know that they were good at flying, there would be no birds flying so beautifully across the skyline. This is a story about birds finding their passion, which you may find interesting and useful.

People with passion run the world. People with passion are happy.

Even if you and I don’t get around to running the world, we will be way happier as people than we would be without passion.

Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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