20 ways make the world a better place (as a kid)

You want to make the world a better place? First of all, congratulations because not many people try. Secondly, good luck, as it is not easy. However, it is important to do it. So, we must try. Let us figure out what we can do to make the world a better place.

Wow, ever since my childhood got over and adulthood became the norm, I have never really cared to ask this wonderful question. How to make the world a happier place, than it is? Or, how to make the world a happier place, or leave it a happier place than we found it?

That, after all is the purpose of human life, if there is one. Everything that we do, all our work should be tied to making the world a happier place at our level, and then once we figure that out, we need to scale that up.

So, if you are a kid reading this, we will try to answer this for you. In fact, we will answer this question as we are talking to school kids.

Hi kids, this one is for you. Unfortunately, when people grow up, they become mired in the responsibilities of life, and forget that they have a responsibility to the world. You realize that, don’t you?

How can you make the world a happier place?

1. Start by being happy yourself

You know you cannot make the world a happier place, if you are not happy yourself. Are you happy? If you are happy, great. If you are not happy, you will need to first figure out what is making you unhappy and fix that. The first important rule of making the world a happier place is that only happy people can make the world a happier place. Unhappy people make the world a, you got it, an unhappier place.

So, you need to make yourself happy first. How would you do that?

Make a plan to be happy in a few months, in case you are not happy right now. The plan should include answering the below questions:

  • When am I most happy during the day?
  • Which subjects do I like?
  • Which games do I enjoy playing?
  • What activity do I not like?
  • Who do I like?
  • Who do I not like?

Once you have answered these questions, start focusing time on friends, subjects and activities that you like. But, make sure that you at least score passing marks in subjects you don’t like. It is important for school. However, focus on doing really well in subjects, games and activities you like.

That will make you happy.

2. Think about what you can do for others to make the world a better place

Now that you have identified some things you like, help other students and friends with it. If you are good at maths, help your classmates who are not good at it. Or, if you are good at English, help your classmates who are not good at it. You could be really good at basketball and your friends can’t catch up, help them. Help everyone as much as you can.

3. When you find a beggar on the street, be compassionate

Be compassionate towards the less fortunate to make the world a better place
Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

It is not the fault of poor people that they are poor. If you have been born fortunate to go to a good school, feel happy about it. If you find a beggar, request your parents to give something to the beggar whenever you can. There could be a kid of your age who may be living on the street. Gift him balloons. He will be happy, and that will make you happy.

4. Use your talents to solve other people’s problems to make the world a better place

This is a repeat of the second point, but on a larger scale. See problems around your school/residence and see where you can help. If you need help of other friends, get them along and solve the problem. Ask your parents where you can help. Always ask- how can I be of help?

5. Never make someone feel bad about themselves

How to make the world happier to make the world a better place
Photo by Archie Binamira on Pexels.com

Everyone is equal- people of all colors, religions, castes etc. Treat everyone equally. If you see a student or a friend being bullied, help them. Do not let anyone get bullied or disrespected around you.

6. Learn to be kind

Be kind to be happy
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Kindness doesn’t need any age and you can learn to be kind as a kid. Kindness is about thinking about other people and being able to put yourself in their shoes. If you understand how to be kind, you would be able to help many people become happier, as a result, make the world a happier place.

7. Smile at strangers

Smile at everyone. They will feel happy. This will make the world a better place
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The world of adults is a boring place. People hardly smile at each other and we need to really change that. We need to again create a place where people are not doubtful of each other and smiling at each other is not frowned upon, literally. So, when you see someone who is not happy, smile at them. May be, your smile will make their day.

8. Brainstorm with your parents

Telly our parents that you want to make the world a happier place and then sit down with them to think of ideas that you can implement in your neighbourhood, or in your school to make people happy.  May be, you will come up with something really innovative.

9. Don’t be afraid to fail with your ideas

It is okay to fail if you try to do a new thing. Failure is a part of the process and not to be scared of. It is a learning process. So, if your idea fails, start again with what you have learnt.

10. Plant some saplings

Plant saplings. Help the environment to be happy to make the world a better place
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Climate change is facing all of us and it is everyone’s responsibility to do their bit towards the environment. If you enjoy greenery and plants, you should plant some saplings in your neighbourhood and watch them grow. You may need to water them every now and then, but if you enjoy it, you will make the world a greener place. A greener place is a happier place.

11. Share your gifts

Happiness multiplies when it is shared. If you have something that you can share with your friends, or even with kids on the street, do that. When you share what you have with others, you will make the world happier and also feel happy yourself.

12. Start a ‘drop the phone when eating’ campaign

A lot of people use their phone while eating. Start a campaign with other kids to ask people to drop their phones when they are eating. That way, they will talk to each other, rather than looking at their phones. Adults do not listen to adults when they receive this advice because they are equally guilty but it is quite likely that would listen to kids. You can do it, so go and do it. It will make the world a happier place.

13. Practice mindfulness

Meditate to be happy
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No matter how old you are, it applies to everyone. Mindfulness is a Buddhist way of doing things. When you do something, you do it mindfully. It is the ability to be completely present in the present moment. You know why it is called the present moment-it is because that’s all we really have. The past is gone and the future is away from us. So, the present is all we have. From the moment you read, practice mindfulness, which is being completely present physically and mentally in the present moment.

Eat mindfully.

Talk and listen mindfully.

Walk mindfully.

Whatever you do, do it mindfully.

When you are mindful, people will learn from you and they will try to be mindful themselves. That will make the world a mindful, and therefore, a happier place.

14. Spend time with old people

If you live with your grandparents, spend time with them and make them laugh. Tell them stories. A lot of old people are lonely and they look forward to spend time with kids. Spend time with them, and encourage your friends to do the same. That will make the world a happier place for old people.

15. Adopt a pet

I am being a bit dishonest here as I have never adopted a pet myself. But that’s not because I don’t want to do it. I would love to do it, only if I could take care of them. Since I don’t consider myself capable enough to take care of a pet dog or a pet cat. I can’t, so I don’t do it.

However, I truly think that people who adopt pets and raise them are happier people and they make the world a happier place by being loving towards animals. So, if you can adopt a pet, adopt one, and love them. They would love you back way more than you would.

16. Make a balance between online and outdoor time

Drop the phone to be happy
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When I was growing up, there was no internet, and hence I spent most of my childhood outdoors. However, these days because there are so many devices with internet, kids are glued to them. Make a balance between online (indoor) and outdoor time. Encourage your friends to do so as well. They will also enjoy playing games like cricket, soccer, or plain catch me if you can.

17. Start the day with gratitude

If your family and friends don’t have a culture of gratitude, introduce it. Say thanks in the morning for life and being able to life another day. Tell your friends about it, and they would also try and start their days with gratitude. If more and more people start their days with gratitude, it will make the world a happier place since people wouldn’t be cribbing anymore. Do you see people cribbing around you? Tell them to be grateful.

18. Use art to make the world happier

Do you know that art is a wonderful thing?  All forms of art make the society richer and more intimate. Write poems and share with your friends and family. If you don’t enjoy writing, try drawing. Indulge in any form of art and get your friend along who may be interested in the same activity. Create something and share it on the internet. Who knows, you may end up making a lot of people happier, and making the world, thereby, a happier place?

19. Look forward to school and the rest of the day

Do not do activities because of peer pressure. If your classmates are learning coding and you don’t like it, don’t learn it. If you like soccer, go out and play soccer. Fill your days up with subjects and activities you enjoy doing and that will make you happy and others would want to learn from you.

20. Make a schedule and follow it

Discipline is extremely important for a happy life and therefore, make a disciplined schedule. Start your day early in the morning and then work through the day with a nap when you need one. Sleep when you feel sleepy and tired. Enjoy your discipline and your schedule. Teach others to make one for themselves.

So, in summary, how do you make the world a happier place as a child?

Become the kind of kid who is happy and who is always looking to make others happy. When you change yourself, you are in a position to change the world. If you are able to make yourself happier, you would be able to make the world a better place in a small way. One day you would do it in a big way.

I wish I were a kid and could do all this. I am not, but you are. Go on, and make the world a happier place.

Thank you for reading.

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