10 reasons you must think positive about life

If you want to be happy and fulfilled on a routine basis, you would need to teach yourself how to think positive about your life. There is a lot that could go wrong in life, but if you are able to think positive and give life an optimistic spin, you would be happier, peaceful and content. Won’t you like that?

I shouldn’t be writing this article. It is stupid to write a piece on positivity in 2020. Doesn’t everyone already know that positive thinking is important and one should have a positive outlook towards life?

Well, the unfortunate answer is no, and hence I am writing about positivity and positive thinking. There are so many benefits of thinking positive that it should be obvious, but it’s not. The barrage of negative thinking around is so overwhelming that one fails to understand what went wrong with the world and how did we get this negative.

What is positive thinking?

As the term says positive thinking is about focusing on the positives of life. You focus on the positive no matter what the situation. You don’t focus on the negative. It is simple. It is so simple to understand that it is beyond my mind why would anyone focus on the negative.

What happens when we focus on the negative in any situation?

When we focus on the negative in any situation, we feel weak. We feel emotionally weak, and that takes away our strength to deal with whatever situation we face. Problems are a part of life and we will always have them. The idea is to be able to look at the good and thereby, find the strength inside to deal with life.

Negativity saps our physical, mental and emotional energies.

You don’t want to deal with your problems from a negative standpoint. Consider two people losing their job at the same time, from the same company. One of them starts blaming himself for the entire problem and immerses himself in negativity. He keeps asking why this happened with him, and doesn’t make any effort to turn his situation around.

The second person on the other hand, thinks positive, and decides to focus on finding good in the adversity. He takes up a new course, and acquires a new skill within 6 months of losing the job. As an outcome, he finds himself a job in a totally new field which he finds more rewarding financially and emotionally. He manages to turn his adversity into a positive opportunity, although he started in the same situation as the first guy did.

There are several benefits of thinking positive. The below are 10 positive thoughts for life. They are reasons why thinking positive thoughts is important for a happier life.

1. Positive thoughts makes you a happier person

When you think positive, you are a happier person because you are always focused on the good in every situation. You do make mistakes like all human beings do, but you learn from them, and apply the lessons to make your life better. As a consequence, you are happier than all negative people because they are focused on negativity in their lives.

2. You don’t fall prey to clinical depression

It is difficult to think positive when we feel depressed. However, if we learn how to think positive when depressed, we can ride through the toughest phases of our lives. All of us get sad every now and then. It is impossible to stay happy all the time. However, clinical depression is the outcome of feeling sad for a sustained period of time.

Positive thinking can help in the early stages when depression is not even a possibility. It becomes a possibility when negativity becomes so overbearing that it cannot be controlled by way of thinking anymore. When people reach the stage of clinical depression, they need medication like sedatives that calm their minds so they can’t think the negative thoughts which are affecting their state of mind.

It is highly likely that people who think positive would not fall prey to the menace called clinical depression.

3. Positivity fosters creativity

You cannot be creative with a negative mind. Creativity needs a positive mind-set and you would only be able to think up creative solutions to your problems when you think with an optimistic mind.

Negativity on the other hand kills creativity and the appetite for creativity.

4. Positive thoughts reduce stress

When you think positivity, stress doesn’t affect you as often as it would. Stress is the outcome of problems that we face, and how we end up processing them. When you think positively, you feel less stressed since you are able to put a positive label on the happenings in your life.

Stress is harmful and you should do everything possible to fight it. Positive thinking is a simple and easy approach to deal with stress.

5. You may live longer

Positive people live longer.
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I know, they keep saying that life should be bigger and not longer. That is true. However, the longer you live, the more chances you have of living the kind of ideal life that you want to live.

Also, you would only want to live longer when you think positively. When you think negatively, you would look at life as painful, and hence would not simply desire a long life.

Only people who have a love for life would want to live longer. Do you?

6.  You look for positive people

When you are focused on positivity, you try and find positive people to mingle with. You can’t quite stand negativity and toxicity. You try to avoid negative people and negative situations which cause you to feel disturbed about your mental state, and hence life.

Positivity breeds positivity. Negativity breeds negativity.

7. The more positive you think, the more positive you become

It doesn’t happen overnight that you become a positive person. You need daily practice to be able to feel happy and positive about the condition of your life. But, when you invest in the mental practice, it yields results and you are able to become a positive person, who can look for the good even in the thorns of life.

8. People want to speak to you

Happy people make friends.
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There is so much negativity and pain in the world that we need more and more of positive and optimistic people. When you exude positivity, people want to speak to you because you find happiness no matter what the situation is.

People want to be around happy and positive people because they could also find some happiness in their lives by associating with them. Wouldn’t you want to be the kind of positive person who shares happiness wherever he/she goes?

9. You don’t break easily

Well, life is tough and it does break us every now and then. However, some people are easier to break than other people. When you are positive, you are tough to break because you find a way to turn the negative into some sort of positive. However, since we are human and life is tougher than us, it is okay to break down when life becomes too painful-like when we lose people we love.

10. You are positive about the future

The thing is nobody has seen the future. We can only make assumptions about the future depending on how we are preparing for it. People who are negative, make negative premonitions about the future. They believe that they would be hit by a missile in the future and life would be unbearable. So many people have been gifted with so much, and still they find ways to find miserable about their present and their future. If you are going to make plans and assumptions about the future, why not assume in your favor. If things turn out otherwise, so be it. But there is no reason to assume against yourself.

Our thoughts have a way of attracting what we get in life. It doesn’t always happen but there is a high likelihood that our thoughts create our future. Therefore, make a conscious effort think positively about the future. Thoughts become things.

11. You bounce back from adversity faster

Positive people bounce back faster.
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Like we saw in the example of the two guys who lost their jobs, people who are positive bounce back faster from adverse situations because they are able to process their adversity differently. They are able to bounce back faster, since they are able to make positive reinforcements and take uplifting actions, which get them out of adversity.

12. Confidence

Positive people are more confident than negative people. Negativity eats up your mental reserves and as a consequence affects your ability to perform well in anything you need to work on. Confidence is an outcome of preparation and when you are negative, you can’t get yourself to work on anything with the right attitude. As a result, your confidence suffers.

Positivity breeds confidence since you are positive and happy to start with, and hence you perform better.

13. You focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses

One of the problems with the education system, the corporate world and the society is that we focus on our weaknesses and try to improve them, while letting go of our strengths. It has made the society quite under confident and unhappy.

It is a terribly negative way to approach life. You feel happier (which is the purpose of life) when you focus on the good in yourself. You also feel happier when you focus on the good in others. The good is your strengths. Focus on your strengths, and you would feel happy about yourself. That’s what positive people do. They refuse to look at their weaknesses, since the weaknesses make them….weaker.

14. Positive thinking leads to a better life

It is simple. Positive thinking leads to a better life and happier memories. Life is short and we shouldn’t be wasting it on thinking negative.

Yes, there will be pains, and there will be shortcomings. Rarely, someone has a perfect life. However, when we think positive, we are able to find more joy from our lives, than when we think negatively about life.

You want to live a better life? Become a positive person.

15. Positive thinking is not unrealistic

One of the critique of thinking positive is that it is unrealistic. Such kind of tags come from people who are more inclined to put a negative tag on situations and are habitual at looking at life adversely. Positive thinking doesn’t deny the reality, but looks at finding how can the situation be used in a manner that’s productive and helpful.

If we think and behave in a self-destructive way, we would only harm our physical and mental health. Yes, it is important to be realistic, but once we have seen the realism, we need to mix it with positivity or negativity since that’s beyond what’s real.

There is reality and beyond reality, there is how we process reality. That is where our thinking sets in. When you can choose the tag you can apply to reality, why not choose a positive one?

Every time I have written an article on this blog, I have attempted to write the most detailed and most helpful piece on the internet. I hope this will help people find positivity in everyday life.

Positive thinking may be a cliche, but I keep saying, some cliches are so important that we cannot do without them. Positivity is one such indispensable cliche of life. Throughout our lives, we would be faced with situations where our attitude will determine the outcome. A positive attitude to life will be one of your most important assets in life, no matter what you face. You would live a positive life, and a positive life is a happier life.

Thank you for reading.

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