Relationships are built on trust

Relationships and trust

Relationships are the key source of happiness in life. If we are to build happy relationships, we would need to learn how to build trust as well.

Do you have relationship or trust issues?

Imagine that your girlfriend/wife goes out for the weekend on a weekend trip with friends. She doesn’t only have female friends. There are also male friends who are a part of the group.

Would you be worried that she might ‘flirt’ with either of the men? Would you call her over to ask where she is and what she is going? Or would you just feel relaxed for having the freedom weekend and enjoy the time with your friends?

I don’t really care what you will do since it’s your personal matter. However, what you will do depends on how much trust you have over your girlfriend/wife. If you trust her, you will not worried about her flirting with someone else since you ‘know’ that she loves you and you don’t have to spy over her.

If you don’t trust her, then you will be insecure about her and call her often to check on her whereabouts more often than you should and eventually end up irritating her.

The same applies to a husband going out for the weekend and the wife staying back. It’s a matter of trust.

Trust in everything in relationships

In one to one relationships, trust is everything. If you trust your spouse, friends, colleagues, bosses, then the relationship is much easier and far more productive than a relationship which lacks trust.

Imagine a boss and employee relationship.

If the employee trusts his boss, work gets done much faster and there is clarity in mutual communication. People would choose to communicate matters of work orally if there is trust, in case of lack of trust, most discussions will have to be done over email. If a senior doesn’t trust his team member, then he will have to find more time to supervise.

Alternatively, he will find a way to improve trust over a period of time or make life difficult for the colleague until he decides to leave the job.

Trust is a fundamental issue. No relationship can exist without trust and love.

If children don’t trust their parents, they cannot confide in them over matters which are important in their lives. They will have to find a friend to confide in and share. Unfortunately, that’s what most Indian kids do.

In romantic relationships, if the 2 people involved do not trust each other’s sincerity towards the relationship, the relationship will break down one day. Love is felt and expressed differently by different people. It has to be felt by both the partners. If there is trust that the relationship is important to each other and both are doing their bits to make it work-it will work. If there is no trust, it will fall. When you have to explain yourself all the time since your partner won’t trust your sincerity, one day, the patience will run out.

In conclusion

Relationships are a lot of effort. They take time and time is life. Unless there is trust, they cannot function. Operate on the basis of 100% trust or no go.

Don’t have friends you cannot trust 100%.

If you cannot trust 100% on your partners, something is amiss.

Find colleagues you can trust 100%.

I don’t have to tell you this. If you are an honest, hardworking and sincere person, you understand the importance of trust. We can’t operate without trust.

It is painful to have to prove our sincerity, to not be trusted. It is painful to have your trust broken.

Don’t deal with people who won’t trust you. Don’t deal with people you can’t trust.

I wish you find people who trust you 100%.

I wish you find people you can trust 100%.

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