Walk the road less traveled

Everyone lives anyway, a common life. Would you live a life uncommon and walk the road less traveled?

There is so much premium in society for people to do things that most people do. Most people are miserable. Would you be miserable? Most people exist, and never live. Would you not live? Most people walk on crowded streets doing stuff that everyone else does. Would you do that?

Stand out and walk alone

The problem with life is that it takes a lot of guts to stand out, and say that this is something you believe in. Do that. Walk the road less traveled. In fact, walk a few of them. You may end up discovering treasures that nobody thought existed.

We don’t have to do what everyone does, just because everyone does it. Walk out of the rat race, and go live your life the way you want it. Will it be tough-yes. Will it be worth it-yes.

road less traveled
Live the uncommon life on the road less traveled
road less traveled
road less traveled is beautiful
Walk the road less traveled
road less traveled

A series to posters to inspire you to walk the uncommon road. Walk the road less traveled, even if that means you need to learn to be happy alone. Find the courage to live your life, when everyone tells you that you should do what everyone does.

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