Silence that screams

silence please

Do you think silence matters? I think it does. It holds a lot of meaning in the quietness of life.

What does silence mean?

Silence is good for us. Especially, when we build it ourselves. Not all the time, though.

The many meanings of silence

Imagine you ask a girl out and she does not respond for a month. What would you think- is it a yes or a no?

Silence has many meanings and the best answer is the boring one, which is ‘it depends’. For example, in the case above, it could mean that she thinks that you suck as an individual and you are not fit to go out with her. It could also mean that she is shy and to be honest, girls are not shy anymore. Shyness used to be a feminist trait. Now, it perhaps is a gay attribute.

What could silence mean for you?

If you are a performer, silence could have many meanings. For example, if you are on the stand-up stage and the audience is silent, you better get away from the stage or do something to make them laugh. Silence for a comedian means death.

If you are a poet and then room is silent, it means that the audience is listening to you intently or they would be busy talking to each other.

If you are a corporate slut which most of you are, and you send across a presentation deck to the client and the latter is silent, most likely, the deck is fine. Very few people are grateful or appreciative. They would just go silent if they find the deck great. Therefore, in case of professional matters, silence is a good thing. If you have fucked up, you will know, trust me, all the time.

If your girlfriend or wife is silent, it is always a case of lull before the storm. It is in your interest to figure out what has happened and why she is silent. If she has to explain her silence to you without your having probed it, you are in a much bigger trouble than you can manage.

If your friend is silent for a while and you get no reply to your message or the call does not return, that friend of yours does not want to be a friend of yours anymore. It is time to move on.

Never meaningless

In any case, silence is meaningful. The silence of the night precedes the hustle and bustle of the morning and tells us that it is time to rest. The silence of men is asking for solitude since unlike women, we like to deal with our mess largely by ourselves.

When we meditate, we let our lives come to a halt in a moment of practiced silence. Many people cannot bear silence since their only idea of enjoyment is noise, meaningful or otherwise.

Do not leave silence alone. It always says something and waiting to be heard.

Thank you for reading.

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