What is love, really?

Love is an emotion we feel towards people who love us, who understand and accept us as who we are. Love is passion we feel for things we feel drawn towards because doing them makes us happy. If you want to be happy, this is my advice- do things and people you love. Continue reading What is love, really?

8 types of health & how to get fitter

Health is important for our happiness. We can’t be happy without being health. The main categories of health are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual. In this article, we have looked at a few more which affect our state of health from an external perspective- financial, intellectual and macro or environmental health. Each of these areas affect the state of our health in every other area. The important thing to understand about health is that it is a holistic whole and we need to take care of all of the dimensions of health. If we miss one, we miss all the other. Continue reading 8 types of health & how to get fitter

First, find happiness. Then, create it (everyday)

First, we find happiness. This is an outcome of self-awareness. We need to constantly work on understanding ourselves, and what does or does not make us happy. Second, once we understand the things that do make us happy, we need to work on those things and hence create happiness every day. Find your happiness. Once you have found it, go and create it. Continue reading First, find happiness. Then, create it (everyday)

How to deal with negative people in life?

It is not easy to deal with negative people. They are people who have emotions. They crave to be loved and taken care of. However, somehow things did not turn out their way and they turned into negative and toxic people, which the rest of the world has to figure out how to deal with. The way to deal with them is through love, and understanding, so they shed off their negativity, and see the beauty in life for what it is. If nothing works, call off the relationship, when you are sure that you tried everything. Continue reading How to deal with negative people in life?

Life is hard- 12 reasons why

Life is hard because our priorities are wrong. Life is hard because we prioritize material success over inner happiness. Life is hard because the society makes it hard for people to follow their dreams. Life is hard because we don’t have self-awareness. It is on us, on all of us, to make life better for each other. Unless we don’t, it is not getting any easier anytime soon. Continue reading Life is hard- 12 reasons why

10 reasons you must think positive about life

Positive thinking may be a cliche, but I keep saying, some cliches are so important that we cannot do without them. Positivity is one such indispensable cliche of life. Throughout our lives, we would be faced with situations where our attitude will determine the outcome. A positive attitude to life will be one of your most important assets in life, no matter what you face. You would live a positive life, and a positive life is a happier life. Continue reading 10 reasons you must think positive about life

Importance of having high ambitions in life

Dream because your dreams are you. You are your dreams. Your dreams are meant to be the impact your life is supposed to make while you are alive. Until you find your dreams, you must keep looking. The doorway to finding your dreams is passion. You need to figure what you are passionate about so your life becomes a force for good. Only when you follow your dreams, and do stuff you are passionate about, do you truly live. Most people don’t live. They just survive. You don’t want to be one of them, do you? Go, chase your dreams and don’t stop till you make them into reality. Continue reading Importance of having high ambitions in life

Fuck society – stop caring!

I know, I have been quite critical of the society in this piece and I don’t want to soften my stand. However, my intentions are earnest. I want a happy world. I want people to be happy. I want work places to be happy where people do work that excites them. I want families to be happy, where people help each other fulfill their dreams. I want to live in a happy world, where frowns are frowned upon, and not smiles. Continue reading Fuck society – stop caring!