The courage poem to inspire you to be bold

Aristotle said that “Courage is the mother of all virtues because without it, you cannot consistently perform the others.” The courage poem is an ode to the most important quality a human being needs to have to live a worthy life.

The courage poem

I wish to write a poem
A poem; that tells it all
Of what I feel inside
It tells of what I feel
Feel in summers, winters, spring and fall
The courage poem I would call it; that tells it all

I feel scared
Scared! That’s what I feel
Scared, that I may fail
Scared that they may wail
I feel scared

I feel scared of losing people I care for
I am scared, right now, in my face
I feel scared that things
May not fall in their place

I am scared that I will die
Die before I meet my dreams
Oh, I hear a scream
Did you hear a scream?
Did you?
Did you?

Fear rules our lives
It is a silent killer
It always reminds us of what might go wrong
An exam, a relationship, a poem, a song
Fear makes us shake inside
Always telling us things will go wrong

Hey you, you
I see fear
I see fear in your eyes
Don’t tell me I am scared, not you
For I know you are scared
You are scared too!

All of us are scared
But we carry on
Courage is nothing
But a mask of guts over the reality of fear
It is a mask, you hear!

Fear is the truth
Life has taught us to live with;
For we know it can end anytime
That’s the ultimate truth-naked; sublime

It is true that we could fail
It is true that we could lose it all
It is true that we may wail
It is true that we may be left
With nothing at all;
Nothing at all

Ah! So what are we to do?
My friend, we are to accept fear
And let it seep in
Become a part of us.
And we go ahead with our chest out
And head high
Then, we may lose
We may win

Fear, perhaps, is our friend
I mean, perhaps
It walks with us hand in hand

To remind us that if we are not bold
Life will go by, still go by
If we let it win
And our job
Is to NOT let it win

So love with all you have
Don’t let fear stop you from losing it
For loving is an end in itself;
Dream and work on your dreams
For only those who dare to dream
May one day meet their highest self

Don’t let fear defeat you
It wants to lose to a good fight
But it will lose to ones who dare;
To the bold
To the courageous
To the brave
Only to those few


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