14 steps to help you stay motivated

It is not easy to stay motivated. Motivation needs to be created everyday. It must come from inside. Do not give up on your dreams, no matter what happens.

Nobody said the journey is going to be easy but then you are on a journey and you wanted to find happiness. That was the goal- to find your happiness. Now, you have thoughts of giving up. Why? Why would you ever want to give up? What is the alternative?

Our objective in this post is to understand two things.

Why should you not give up?

How to stay motivated.

Before we begin answering why and how you should not give up, we should make a point about quitting. Quitting is not always a bad thing. No, it’s not always a bad thing. You must quit if what you are doing drains your soul rather than feed it, quit a mutually painful and hurtful relationship and quit pain.

What you must not quit is things and people that make you happy and you quest to find those, and make them a part of your life.

Here are 14 reasons why you MUST stay motivated and not give up.

1. Go back to why you started in the first place

Most people in world are not fortunate enough to embark on the journey of their happiness. You were. You started doing what made you happy. Things have been rough lately, and you may have had a few bad months, or a couple of bad years, but you had the right reasons to start. It is tough to stay motivated when times get rough but that’s where it’s most important, because most people give up.

Most people don’t start for the right reasons. They do stuff because most people do stuff. Direction is way more important than speed, and unlike people rushing fast in the wrong direction, you are stumbling on your way, but you are headed in the right direction

Dust yourself up, and start walking again. Once you pick up momentum, run as hard as you can without fear of falling down. If you fall down, get up and keep moving. You are in the right direction. You can’t give up.

2. Your dreams and happiness are your life

Your dreams are your life.
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A great question to ask yourself about your dreams is- how long should I persist?

Now, think about this question deeply. What’s there to your life besides your hopes, dreams and happiness? Isn’t that enough a reason to stay motivated? Now, the problem with the current state of the society is that they have dumb answers to the question. They would say stuff like the below:

I have responsibilities.

Here is a familycan’t afford dreams.

I am too told to start or keep going, or too young to keep going right now.

We have to compromise with our dreams.

It is not practical.

Now, if you find yourself say stuff like this, my goal throughout this blog has been to change your mind. I want people to follow their happiness and remove all obstacles on the way. If the society bothers you, fuck it!

Now, let us re-look at the question.

How long should I persist?

You should persist as long as it takes with a definite and flexible plan given contingencies to make your dreams into reality. Stop compromising on your dreams, wants, ambitions and happiness.

You must not give up when you are in the right direction even if it takes longer than previously anticipated. Majority of the world is headed quite fast in the wrong direction. You are lucky to be heading in the direction of your happiness. Don’t you stop!

3. You have come quite far

Think about the time when you started. Think about the time when you decided to take the plunge. You were driven then, and since then you have covered enough ground. There is no reason to give up now and not to stay motivated. Do you remember how hard it was for you? Don’t you? Of course you do.

You have come so far, have fought way too many people just to be able to live a life on your own terms. There has been a struggle way too much, you have had a few wins, and know how good that felt. You have invested your life, a special part of your life in this journey. It is too always too early to give up. There is just too much that’s gone into it. This can’t go wrong. Stay driven, and motivated.

Take a break if you want, and come back, but so much of your life has been invested in this journey, that you can’t give up.

4. You have learnt so much

Hey, you are not a beginner anymore. You were, when you started. But, you learnt so much. When you work on your art now, whatever it is, you bring your lessons that you have learnt over the years, and you don’t come across as an amateur anymore. You come across as someone who has seen the drills and had his hands dirty, and have learnt so much. You can’t let all of that experience go wasted. Would you? Can you stay motivated and not give up?

5. Visualize how success feels like

Visualize your dreams
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It may have been hard off late, but take the time to visualize how success would feel like. Think about how it would feel when you would have achieved the goal that you hold so dear to you. Imagine how wonderful it would be, to finally make it to the club of the dreamers, who live life on their own terms, and find success not as per the definition of the society, but your own.

6. You have it in yourself to make it happen

The reason you started because you believed in yourself, and that’s what you need even right now. You knew that you could make it. You fell on the way, made some poor judgement calls, or couldn’t work as hard as you would have wanted, but that doesn’t mean the dream is dead. The dream is never dead.

Dreams never die. People give up. Stay on course.

You still have it in you. You always did, and you know it. Keep going and stay motivated. Your fire hasn’t died.

7. You are closer than you ever were

You are closer to your dreams. stay motivated and driven.
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You are closer to your dreams than you ever were before. People give up on their dreams way closer to the finish line than they realize. You were never this close, have worked hard over the years to refine your craft, and get better. Although, you haven’t yet achieved the outcomes that you seek, but that doesn’t mean that your years of work hasn’t made you better.

You just have to keep going since you were never this close.

8. The problems won’t matter in a few years

In a few years, the problems that you face right now wouldn’t matter. They seem big right now, but once you preserve through them, you will come out as a winner on the other side, and what you went through would be a memory. Also, if you give up now, that would also be a memory that would have become regret that may haunt you for the rest of your life.

Don’t give up.

9. You can ask for help

Maybe, you are finding it difficult to keep going because you are going at it alone. Our ego does place a lot of difficulties on us, and as an outcome, we don’t ask people for help. You may have more friends than you think you do-people who are your peers and are living through a similar journey would be willing to help you. May be all of them are not willing to help, but someone would. The goal is to stay motivated and keep trying. Dreams are not easy to achieve and we need help.

Don’t think you are alone. Ask around, and you may find someone who may be willing to be your friend who would lend you a helping hand to help you sail through.

10. Regrets are far more traumatizing than everything else

They say that regrets are far more traumatizing than fear. Not just that regrets are far more traumatizing than the difficulties you face right now. Temporary setbacks are that-temporary. Regrets for things we long for, and not achieve stay forever in our hearts and keep killing us slowly every day.  You don’t want that to happen. So, don’t give up and keep going.

11. You owe it to people who believed in you

Do it for people who believe in you. Stay motivated.
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Think about it. Most people don’t dare to follow their dreams. You did. While you have been on your journey, people have called you inspiring, daring, and courageous and they have wanted you to win, so that they could finally muster up the courage they can’t find in your hearts, because you they saw you win!

You owe it to those people, to everyone who ever believed in you and your dreams, to not give up, and win. Yes, you owe it to them.

12. All setbacks are feedback. Failure is giving up

You haven’t failed. There have had setbacks. You have made mistakes on the way and you have had a difficult journey, but you are not a failure till you give up. Setbacks are lessons, and that’s how they should be viewed. They are there to teach you something about the process and the lessons are repeated till you learn them.

However, if you give up, you fail. Don’t.

13. One life

How would you look back at your life? Stay motivated and don't give up on your dreams.
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Imagine you are at the end of your life and are looking back at it. How would you look at this decision to quit on what you held so dear? How would you feel about it? You know the answer. When you hold things dear, you want to keep them close to you, be it people or dreams, so you know what you need to do here. You will fight for your dreams. After all, one life.

14. You will make it

You are on the road to a beautiful life, and it is just a matter of a few months or a few years of hard work and you would have transformed from this defeated state to the life of a winner! If you work hard on something you love, you cannot fail because the process in itself is the reward.

I hope I have given you enough reasons to not give up on your dreams and happiness. Remember, there is nothing else to life. It is okay to give up on things you don’t care about, but it is never okay to give up on things and people you love, NEVER okay to give up on your happiness. If you are on the road to your dreams, whatever they may be, and it is getting difficult, don’t give up. Most people do, and that’s why we have a society full of unfulfilled dreams. You don’t want to belong to this gang and rather want to belong to the gang of people who found happiness on their own terms. Won’t you?

Thank you for reading.

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