15 reasons to power your self-belief

Do you believe in yourself? The answer to this question would decide if you are able to achieve your dreams. Self-belief is the power that drives some of the most successful people in the world. How to believe in yourself? Let us talk about that.

I talk about self-belief in so many of the posts on this happiness blog that I felt it is important to explain why it is so important to believe in yourself. You cannot achieve anything worthwhile in life without self-belief.

Perhaps, it is the most powerful force in the world because if you have self-belief, you can go and achieve anything in spite of what the world may think about you.

You just cannot live a fulfilling life without self-belief. It is so important. Here are 15 reasons why you must believe in yourself.

1. Sometimes, you are the only one who believes in you

There will be times in your life when you would be the only person who believes in you. Those are difficult moments. Your ideas and your beliefs would be criticized by people around you, and you would begin to wonder where you went wrong. When everyone around you questions your beliefs about your reality, you would tend to get into a situation of self-doubt, and wonder if your belief about your life and potential makes any sense.

In those moments, you must hold your belief because you really need only one person to believe in you under all circumstances, and that person is you.

2. Nobody else can understand you as well as you do

Nobody understands you as well as you do.
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Let’s just be honest. Nobody can really understand you as well as you do. Not even your parents and not even your life partner. We are individual human beings and have a life story which is stored in our minds. When we make decisions, we use everything that we have learned through our life story to arrive at the moment of decision. We may turn out to be wrong, but nobody else can decide better for us, than we can do ourselves.

Nobody really understands you as well as you do. So, believe in your ability to do so.

3. Self-belief will boost your confidence and make you internally driven

There is two kinds of motivation– internal and external. People who believe in themselves are internally driven. They don’t need external stimulus or approval to live the kind of life they want to live. On the other hand, people who are externally driven need approval of others to do stuff they want to do. They lack the self-belief to do stuff they find themselves drawn towards. Self-belief may be the only true way to live an internally driven life.

4. You would stop caring about what people think of you

People with self-belief stop caring about what people think of you.
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Most people do not achieve or even have a shot at their dreams because they are concerned about what people would think of them. We are worried about the views of our families, friends, and the larger society. We are as scared as people that we just don’t make the effort to do what we really want to do.

When you believe in yourself, you would not really care what people think of you. You would go ahead with the power of your self-belief and do stuff that could create the kind of life you want to live. It will make you immune to the opinions of others around you, and that is a powerful way to live life.

5. You will become more self-aware

This would work both ways. The more self-belief you have, the more self-aware you would become and the more self-aware you become, your level of self-belief would grow. Self-awareness is one of the keys to living a happy and fulfilling life. Even to become more self-aware, you need to believe that you can become more self-aware, and that would initiate you in the process of achieving awareness. Nothing works without belief.

6. Self-belief will help discard fear of failure

Only people who have self-belief walk on the path of their dreams. Anybody who has ever walked on the path of their dreams knows that there will be setbacks on the way, which are lessons on the journey of self-evolution and personal growth.

You cannot achieve success without those setbacks. Failure is giving up. Setbacks are not failure. Only people with a healthy level of self-belief would be able to reach this realization.

7. You would build better and happier relationships

Self-belief leads to happier relationships.
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Since people with self-belief are more self-aware, they seek out people like them who have similar levels of belief. Your belief in yourself would allow you to look for belief in others, and hence your relationships would be based on trust and awareness, and not random vagueness. This applies to both personal and professional relationships.

8. You would be perceived as a leader

Leaders believe in themselves.
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Anybody can make decisions where all the information is available. It takes internal strength, and self-belief to make decisions where there is paucity of information. You need to make decisions based on gut and instinct and such decisions can only be made by people who trust themselves. They may not always turn right but their self-belief gives them the mental and intellectual strength to make those decisions. People who make decisions without enough information are leaders in their organisations and in their communities.

9. Self-belief would help you face your fears

People don’t act on their dreams because they are scared of failure, of the views and opinions of the society, as we have seen earlier, of their inner insecurities among other fears. However, self-belief overrides these fears and allows you to move forward with confidence in spite of having these fears.

We are all scared as people but the ones with self-belief have more courage than the ones who don’t.

10. You would create the future

People with self-belief create the future. The world depends on them to take bold risks, face failure and turn their vision into reality. Nobody has ever achieved their vision for the world they live in without self-belief. Anything that has been achieved new in the world has been done by someone with a high level of belief in themselves.

11. People would look up to you

Since self-belief is rare, people look up to people who have tremendous level of belief in their views about the world, and the future. When you have self-belief, you would find people believing in you and your vision for the future. It takes an independent minded person to be able to think differently than the crowd since the crowd holds the opinion of the crowd, and that of no one in particular.

12. You would become highly independent

As an extension of the preceding point, you would become highly driven and self-dependent. You would be able to make decisions faster than most people because they need approval of others, while you don’t. You would become independent and self-reliant, which is the trait of entrepreneurs, writers and independent artists around the world. They all think differently and in a unique fashion.

13. Self-belief would help you express your individuality

If you look around the society, most people look like clones of each other simply because most people do what most people do. When you have self-belief, you would be able to express yourself in a unique fashion and thereby, create a distinct identity for yourself, in a world, which looks way too homogenous.

14. You would be able to take risks

Taking risks develops self-belief
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Taking risk is a difficult thing in life since it may not work out. It takes a lot of courage and self-belief to be able to do something that may turn out to be a setback. Only people who are able to believe in their dreams and their ability to pursue them are able to take risks, and when they succeed, they become models for the larger society. When they fail, which they do, they try again, and their fight itself becomes inspiring for everyone. One person with self-belief could inspire a million who are struggling for it.

15. Your self-belief would drive you to live a life worth telling stories about

Hey, we have one life to live and it should be worth telling stories about, when we are close to our last days. You can only live a life which is great, when you are able to take risks, and so stuff that you believed in. Most people are not able to do that, and when you do that, it is a rarity.

You see, there is every reason to believe in yourself. Only when you believe in your ability to dream and turn your dreams into reality, you are able to live a life that is happy, meaningful and fulfilling. Self-belief is a powerful thing and people who have had it have changed the world for the better. The question is would you be able to believe in yourself?

Thank you for reading.

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