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How to be a better person in 2023, and beyond…

How to be a better person, or a human being, is something we have all thought about, every once in a while, in our lives. We want to improve as human being, be more successful and happier. What better time to think about how to be a better person than in the beginning of a new year. I am doing this for all of us. Hope you like the post.

I plan to review this post every year, and add new thoughts, and maybe modify some and keep questioning as long as I live- how can I be a better person? Let us get started.

Why is it important to be a good person?

I have been trying to become a better person all my life. I am not a bad person; it’s just that life has so many moving parts that to perform well in all spheres of life- professional, personal, social etc. is hard. It is quite hard that ways to be a good person who feels good all the time and thereby has a positive impact on his surroundings.

It is important to note that only when you feel good about yourself can you have a positive impact on others around you. If you feel horrible about yourself, there is no way your actions or words would have a positive impact. Therefore, just like charity, to try and make the world a better place, begins with us trying to be better people.

What or who is a good human being, after all?

Let us get started. Who is a good person, or how do we define a good human being?

A good human being or a good person is someone who cares for himself, and for others around him/her, making life better for everyone. He/she is compassionate and caring. He/she is positive and cheerful, which makes others want to be around him since positivity is rare. A good human being has positive vibes, which impact everyone around positively. He/she takes positive actions to make the world a better place. He is kind and caring, positive and cheerful, hopeful and spreads hope.

You see, given above definition, which by no means is comprehensive, it is a tough job to be a good human being. The, how do we grow as human beings if it is hard to even get started?

Do you wish to become a better person?

There is just so much to learn and do that we fall short. Since you are reading this, perhaps, you also want to learn how to become a better person. So, please comment after you are done reading this, about what you think we can do to become better people who can make the world a better place. After all, that’s what we are all here for, in some ways, to make life easier and happier for all of us.

Here are 47 thoughts on how to be a better person in 2023 and beyond. Please consider these as mere suggestions or food for thought to become a better version of ourselves. Moreover, this is more of notes to self.

1. To become a better person, value time and schedule everything

How to be a better person- schedule everything
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Time is life. In the beginning of the year, feel grateful for all the life you have had in the years so far. So many people die young, for reasons none of us are given to understand.

Value time, whatever you have. Schedule everything. Schedule work time, personal time, social time and solitude.

Before the start of the day, know how your day will go, and what activities you will do, by the hour, if not by the minute, since that we need to keep some space for flexibility.

Schedule meetings, thinking time, workouts, writing time, dinners, family time, talking to friends, outdoors, indoors, whatever you need to schedule- put it somewhere on your calendar so that you can review if you are getting stuff done, and making sense of the day.

It’s hard to make sense of a day from a balance perspective since we tend to leave stuff out, and that keeps bothering us through the day, months, years.

So, to be a better person, schedule every fucking thing.

2. How to be a better person- Smile more

Smile, you are alive. We don’t need a lot of reasons to smile.

Life….is good problem to have.

Life is a good problem to have. We keep cribbing about all sorts of problems, but we wouldn’t have any of those problems if we weren’t alive. Yes, there is always a place for improvement and ambition, but we should be able to smile just because we are alive. Somebody said that the most expensive clothes have no meaning without a smile, and I agree.

I would rather be with someone who smiles easily than with a rich grunt, because happy people tend to make others happy. Smile often, to be a better person.

3. Understand that pain and joy are both parts of life

Life is a roller coaster
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They say that life is a roller coaster and they are right. Joy and pain are both parts of life.

Understanding of life entails being able to pay a visit to the cemetery and a dance party in the same day

There will be joy and there will be pain. Both will not last. While there is joy, revel in it, and enjoy it. While there is pain, accept it as a part of life, and bear it.

Some of us have joy in our share of life, and some of us have more pain. But there is some joy and some pain for all of us.

This understanding would bring equanimity to our minds, and make us better people.

4. How to be a better person- Eliminate ego

Do not let your ego stop you from living a good life. Ego is the source of our self-importance. However, I have realized that a bloated ego does more hard than good in the case of personal and professional relationships.

To be a good human being, we need to find ways to be caring to others, to be forgiving if they matter to us, and ego comes in our way. We feel we are so important and so why should we make the effort and the other person should.

However, if you are the one trying to be kinder and more compassionate, you need to work on your ego. To be loved and cared for, to belong is more important than a sense of bloated self-importance.

5. How to be a better person- Do not compromise on your problems

Problems don’t go away because they are ignored. If you need something, you need it, and just because you have ignored a desire for long, doesn’t mean it will go away. Work on things you want, and plan on how to achieve them.

There is something called the unlived life. That’s the life you would want to live and haven’t. Figure out how to get there. Your life depends on it.

6. To be a better human being, practice gratitude every day

How to be a better person- practice gratitude
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Yes, we have dreams and desires. However, we are alive, like we said above, and life is a good problem to have. Make the time for gratitude every day. Write down the things you are grateful for- like your education, job, work, money that you make, things you have been able to do so far, travel and everything you have been able to do that makes you happy.

Only when we make the time to feel grateful, can we look at the day cheerfully, and towards future with hope.

7. How to be a better person- Workout everyday

How to be a better person- workout almost everyday
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I didn’t go to the gym today because I am not well, and have missed it in the last 15 days because of some stupid cold and cough. I have been working out for years and that’s one of the reasons I have been physically and mentally fit all this while.

Life has been far from easy but I have said this earlier on this blog that if you workout and move your body/blood, you cannot get or stay depressed or sad for long. Your body and mind are connected and if you body moves, so does your mind. Move your fuckin ass.

8 . How to be a better person- Take care of your health

Take care of your health. Health is wealth, some of these clichés are true, because they have seen the test of time. If you are not healthy, you are not useful to yourself or to anybody. Everything is pointless, just because you are out of the ring. If you want to be in the ring, you need to care of multiple dimensions of your health, including mental and physical health. It is a waste to be sick; so, work hard to stay healthy.

As I have realized in the last few days, we can’t go too fast to achieve a certain fitness goal either. Sometimes, fitness requires taking a break, be it physically or mentally. So, listen to your body and follow what it says. Skin doesn’t lie.

9. How to be a better person- Be kind

If we want to learn how to be better people, we would need to understand what kindness means, and then how can we be kind.

Always choose kindness
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Kind people are good human beings. They care about the feelings of others, and are empathetic. They can understand the pain of others, and why others behave the way they do. Kindness, as I wrote sometime back, if about understanding of pain, and helping those dealing with it.

You must be kind not just to others, but also to your own self. When we are too harsh on ourselves, life becomes even harder. We are always trying to do the best we can, and we deserve kindness as much as others do.

We live in a hard world, where people who seem happy on social media one day, commit suicide the same day or the next. What appears happy on social media may not be necessarily happy. Look for ways to be kind every day. The world needs much more kindness than it needs indifference.

Here are some ways to be kind, to become a better person or a better human being.

10. Write more jokes and make people laugh

This is more of a note to self especially because I didn’t write a lot of new jokes this year, and I love to do it. I am a stand-up comedian. Having done shows across the country, have made hundreds of people laugh.

How to be a better person- make people laugh
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I need to schedule time to write and perform jokes, because that makes me better in every other sphere of life. The more jokes I have, the more colleagues at work as well I can make laugh, and do shows as well. It’s a positive loop.

Make people laugh to become a better human being. Even if you are not a comedian, you can learn to develop your sense of humor by learning how humor works, and crack up people when they least expect it. Surprise is at the essence of comedy.

11. Write a couple of blog posts a month on the happiness blog

This blog is the centrepiece of my writing on happiness. It has so much content on how to be happy than any other place on the internet. I need to make some time to write new perspectives around happiness every now and then.

Happiness is the key intended output of life, for all of us, and we must study what does and does not make us happy. I like to make people happy, and help them find their happiness.

All of us have a core personality. I am a writer. You need to figure out who you are, and make time for it. That’s how we become better people, by being more of who we naturally are.

12. Use your gifts to make the world a better place

If you are going to learn how to be a better person, you would need to spend a lot of effort on self-awareness. Only when your self-awareness improves, you would be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

You are a unique person who brings a new perspective. You need to remember that. No matter if you are an employee or a friend or a family member, you bring a unique perspective. So, have the courage to work on your gifts and use your gifts to make things better.

Work on your strengths and use them as much as possible, while taking help for your weaknesses. Your weakness is someone else’s strength. That’s the good thing about the world. If you are willing to delegate/pay or do anything in consideration to find someone who would fill a gap your weakness or something you are not good at creates, you are likely to find someone.

We are better and more productive human beings when we do what we are naturally good at.

13. How to be a better person- Appreciate a job well done

Always appreciate a job well done. If it’s a colleague, make a compliment. If you are dealing with blue collar workers who do a good job, hand over a tip. But, as much as possible, do not miss an opportunity to make someone’s day by appreciating a job well done.

Appreciate, to become a better human being.

14. How to be a better person- Measure progress on your goals

Set goals and measure progress. That’s how we grow. You have been doing it all your life. Passing school, college, finding a job or creating an independent business, whatever your goals have been. Sometimes, we tend to slack when we can’t clearly define our goals, or our goals do not have deadlines.

Define clear goals and measure progress, in every area of your life. That wouldn’t only make you a better professional, but a better person as well.

15. How to become a better person- Think big

Dream big!
Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Think big to become a better, and more useful citizen of the world. I am writing this article hoping people around the world could read this, and hopefully find some tips that would help them become a better version of themselves.

That’s how this entire blog has been designed, and that’s the purpose of all my writing- to help people find their happiness. Whenever that happens, would happen but my job is to write for a large possible audience.

Whatever pursuit you choose, think big, and try to create an impact. It is not how most of us in the middle class have been wired, but we need to think this way if we are to become better human beings, and more useful citizens of the society.

16. How to be a better person- Apologize when you make a mistake  

You and I have made mistakes in the past and we will make some more mistakes in the future. The key is to recognize whom the mistake has hurt, and apologize for the hurt caused. If the mistake has only hurt you, learn from the mistake and move on.

We are all human and tend to make mistakes. Character lies in facing the consequences and learning the lessons from those mistakes.

17. How to be a better person- Be bold and have courage to be a better person

Courage is hard since every time we are courageous, we do it in spite of fear. All of us feel scared whenever we are trying to do something new, that’s out of our comfort zone. Whenever you have a choice between what’s comfortable, but mediocre, and uncomfortable but amazing, go for the latter choice.

Do more deadlifts. Do more push ups. Aim for hard things.

18. How to be a better person- Be fearless

If we want to live our best lives, and become better human beings, and better people in general, we need to learn how to be fearless. Truth be told, nobody really is fearless. All of us feel fear before getting on the stage, jumping a cliff, an important interview, an important phone, a difficult conversation, and in several such occasions where we feel we might fail.

Courage is doing what's important in spite of fear.
Photo by Mary Taylor on Pexels.com

We might fail, yes that’s true. But failure is ONLY giving up. I was listening to a training program the other day, and the lady, CEO of a fortune 500 company said, she doesn’t believe in the word -failure. She looks at failures along the way as setbacks, which is exactly what they are.

What we really need to do as people and as organizations is to improve our resilience against setbacks, so that we are able to stand-up when we fail. This would mean financial resilience and even emotional resilience. Form up a support system and know that if you fall, you will get back up, for as long as it takes.

19. Do not give up on your dreams, EVER

Do not ever give up on your dreams. Your dreams are YOU. Your dreams are the best version of you. It is quite hard to achieve your dreams. However, if you know what your dreams are, you are fortunate than the majority of the human population who don’t even know what they want.

Once you know what you want, you need to figure out a way to make those dreams come alive. Figure out a way or make one, goes a legend. Yeah, figure out a way or make one, as long as it takes, as much blood and toil as it takes, whatever it takes- your life and your happiness, everything depends on it. I will leave it there.

20. How to be a better person- Eliminate negativity from your life completely

This is quite hard. People have anxiety, insomnia, depression, all sort of problems because they can’t figure how to deal with negativity and negative thoughts. The past is one of the sources of negative thinking. We feel we should have done differently in so many ways. You need to let go of your past to become a better human being, who can find happiness in the present, and then share it with others.

Don’t allow yourself any negative thoughts. Look at life as a good problem to have, which is what it is.

A lot of people are dead and we have a chance to live, and be happy.

There will always be problems to solve. The only people who don’t have problems are dead. Don’t allow yourself to feel bogged down by those problems.

Every problem is an opportunity to make your life better.

Fuck, wow. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, every problem is an opportunity to make your life better. You don’t have a job. It’s an opportunity to find one and make your life better. You want to start a business but don’t know where to start? It is a complex problem, which if you can solve, would make your life better. Don’t have love in your life? It is a hard problem, probably the hardest, which if you can solve, would add tons of value to your life.

Look at problems as opportunities, and try to have fun solving them. Remember, you have problems, because you are alive.

21. Do NOT compare your life to ANYONE if you want to become a better person

The only good reason to look at other people’s lives is to learn from them.

There is no other good reason. You can’t be looking at other people’s lives and continuously feel bad about yours. If you want to be a better person, and be happy, you must stop comparing your life to that of other people.

Just try to understand- that’s not how nature works. There are billions of people in the world, and besides identical twins, everyone looks different. Similarly, all of us have different life stories, including identical twins.

Somebody has a better house, or has a better career. Somebody has a better car. How does this information benefit you? It doesn’t. All you can probably do is learn from these people and implement some of the lessons in your life. May be, you will be far ahead in some years if you focus on how to become better, than constantly feeling bad about your life, by comparing it to that of others.

Also, if you must look around, also look around to see how many people don’t have what you have, and they are not to blame. It’s quite cold as I write this, and I am sitting in a warm room while there are countless on the road braving the heat.

Look down for gratitude. Look up to learn.

22. How to become a better person- Travel once in a while

Travel to interesting places. Find new places to see the world and how people live. Travel to places you love, every now and then. If you can, travel solo once a year at least for a few days. You will have with yourself, and be able to think about lot of things which you otherwise may not do in the hustle and bustle of life.

I am a writer perhaps because I have spent a lot of time by myself, and myself traveling solo. That may not be your goal, but I guarantee you will understand yourself better if you do.

23. How to become a better person- Take risks

By definition, from the dictionary, a risk is a situation where you expose yourself to injury or loss. However, when you take a risk, you want a benefit which is far greater than the possibility of injury or loss. You want to take your life to a higher level.

Nobody has achieved anything worthwhile in the world without taking some level of risk. If you don’t take any, you will stay in your comfort zone, and never grow.

So, take risks, without putting your life on the line, unless that sounds like a good idea.

24. How to be a better person- Dare to be completely yourself

How to be a better person- be yourself
Photo by Vitória Santos on Pexels.com

It takes courage to be you. You are unique and that’s how nature intended you to be. Do not join in the faceless crowd, where everyone seems the same, and people are trying to be more like each other, than be different.

Have the courage to be yourself. I made this point emphatically in my book happiness in your skin, and you may want to check it out. It is hard since you may have several doubts about what people might think if you dare to be yourself, but remember, unless you have the courage to be yourself, you will never be able to understand what makes you special. If you won’t, nobody else will.

25. How to be a better personForgive yourself, and forgive others

It is quite hard to forgive anyone who gives us pain, including ourselves. However, the more we carry the burden inside of us, the more we hurt and cannot move on with our lives in a healthy way.

I am not sure I have successfully forgiven a few people who have caused me pain, but I am trying. If I can’t forgive, I try to forget. But it’s hard. Try to let go of the pain, knowing that you have always had your reasons for doing what you did, and tried to be the best you could. Perhaps others did, as well.

You didn’t know better. They didn’t either.

26. How to be a better person- Limit alcohol

I am not a drunkard. I still drink occasionally. But I do. However, I realize that it’s not the best way to enjoy life. A lot of drink to escape reality, and it sucks. When you drink to escape reality, you drink a lot.

It’s one of my goals to limit alcohol, since I enjoy it once in a while, but I know it’s harmful to the body, and I want to live.

If you drink a lot, and want to live, those are conflicting goals.

27. How to be a better person- Plan long term to grow as a person

Here is the thing. Short term thinking is horrible. Most of the problems we have in life are because of short term thinking. People who live great lives think long term and plan long term. If you are considering someone to be your friend, and you don’t think you would want to spend 10 years with that person as a friend, it’s a bad choice. The same model applies to your career and personal relationships.

Do not sacrifice your present for your future. This is archaic thinking.

Who do you want to be 20, 30 years from now?

Who do you want to spend time with?

What do you want to be working on 50 years from now?

Ask your long-term questions, and you will reach far better answers, than you would with short-term thinking, which only focuses on the urgent.

28. How to be a better human being- Be vulnerable

There is entire masculine thinking which wants people to not show their vulnerabilities and be a man! Thankfully, it doesn’t apply to women, and they are able to show their emotions, more openly, and frequently.

We need to be vulnerable, which we are and accept that to become better humans. After all, we all are really vulnerable; the point is do we really accept it?

29. How to be a better person-Be ambitious and believe in your dreams

 Be ambitious and believe that your life can be bigger. Only when you believe in yourself, would others consider believe in you. Self-belief is one of the most powerful forces on earth, and anything that has been achieved, has been because somebody believed in themselves.

There would be times when you would be down and find it hard to believe in yourself. In those times, remind yourself of all the amazing things you have done, and how you can do it in future as well. If you can’t find inspiration inside, find it outside.

30. How to become a better person- Dance for pure joy

How to be happy- dance!
Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

To become a better person, dance more often. I have personally begun to love dancing. Not that I can do ballroom dancing yet, but think I can improve there too if I try. I dance fine, and hopefully would improve going forward. I love matching my body’s movements to the beats of the music, and it makes me happy.

Anything that makes us happy makes us better people, because when we are happier, we feel life is worth living.

31. How to be a better person- Be cheerful and happy every day in general

That brings me to the point of everyday happiness. Work hard on your mental health using some of the points here to try and be happy. Only happy people can spread cheer around. This blog is full of ideas on happiness, feel free to just click on anything to look for ideas on happiness.  

You are out of Covid alive, while about 6 million people died, and you have a chance to live and be happy. It might take a few years to achieve your goals but you can do it, and you will.

Life is a good reason to be cheerful and happy.

32. How to grow as a person- Do hard things

We grow when we do hard things. Things we are not sure we can do. Off late, I love deadlifts in the gym. I lifted 95 kilograms (about 210 pounds) on 30th of January 2022, before cold and cough caught me again, and I had to take a break.

My goal is to use deadlift as a metaphor for hard things. It uses all my muscle groups, and when I am done, I feel great for having done something so hard. It boosts my confidence in every area of life and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Those are the things I am going to try and hit, going forward. Maybe you should also look for more deadlifts and hard things that would take your life to the next level.

33. How to become mentally strong- Build resilience

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a setback.

We need to be able to rise up when we are down, in order to be more effective people. My thinking on resilience has changed off late. I used to think that resilience is about internal work. However, I am not sure of the content I read which said that resilience is about the environment, and you can build resilience by contingency planning.

For example, in Covid, a lot of businesses perished and a lot of people too. However, most people who were physically healthy, and businesses that were financially healthy survived.

So, work on financial and physical health. Think of what might happen in future and how you are ready for that. Also, build emotional resilience by having people around you who may care for you, while you are down. We can’t fight this alone.

That’s how we build resilience.

34. How to be a better person- Figure out how to stay financially liquid

I have written enough about money on this happiness blog.

Money is not the purpose of life. Yes, it is not. If you think money is the purpose of life, you would become a materialistic person, who works for money, without any sense of purpose, which unfortunately, a lot of people do.

Does money buy happiness or not, will always be up for debate, because the answer lies in where you are on the economic hierarchy.

However, you and I cannot live our lives without money. Money is the fuel of life, and if you run out of fuel, the car of your life will come to a halt. Then, you won’t be able to pursue anything you want, because you are halted. You will have to ask for fuel, or borrow it- you get the drift.

You need the money, therefore, to run your life. Figure out how to make it, and save it for rainy days and Covid kind of days.

35. How to become better as a human being- Face conflicts or potential conflicts immediately

Life is hard, and no matter how hard you try, every now and then you would run into a conflict with your family/boss/friends, whatever it is. Face those situations head on, and do not avoid them, since the more you prolong a potential conflict, the harder it would become to solve it.

It takes conscience and courage. We have already spoken about courage.

36. How to be a better person- Have a clean conscience

How to be a better person- have a clear conscience
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you look in the eyes straight or you have to look down?

The answer is the difference between a clean conscience and the lack of it. Do whatever it takes to have a clean conscience. It’s the source of courage, and happiness.

37. How to be a better person- Write well

Take care of your messages, written or spoken, especially written because written word is evidence. Irrespective of what you are writing, be it an email, letter, love letter, a post or a book, be careful with your words.

People who write well, are more thoughtful, and detailed oriented. The more you write, the more you understand.

Therefore, write with caution to become a better person.

38. How to become a warm person- More hugs with consent, of course

Find people to hug and kiss, especially hug, since kisses are harder to come by. Hug is a non-sexual loving act. It’s a beautiful thing. Hugs can cure loneliness, offer forgiveness, and heal a lot of pains. Hug people, if they care to hug you back. I don’t know how do hugs make us better people; I am sure they do.

39. Realize that to be able to love and be loved is the hardest problem in life

To become a better person, we need to understand the hierarchy of importance in life. I have been thinking about it lately. We spend so much time in trying to be successful, worthy in the eyes of the world.

However, the most happiness we get is from people who love us and those we love. Imagine getting a big success, and having nobody else to share it with.

In order to be worthy of love, we need to be a different kind of person, than we need to be worthy of success.

If we wish to be better human beings and better people, we need to love, and be worthy of love.

40. Choose people whose opinions you care about, and don’t care about the rest of the world

We need some people whose opinions we value. We don’t have to care about the opinions of everyone, and please don’t by all means. However, you need some people whose opinion you value. These could be essentially your family, your clients or your boss, and anyone else you admire.

Form this group, and don’t care about what anybody else thinks of your life.

41. How to be a better person- Keep moving towards actualization (Maslow)

The Maslow pyramid is the finest model of understanding your life, to my mind, and where you stand. It states that food, water, clothing and shelter are the basic human needs, and actualization is when we reach our full potential.

It is a useful model to evaluate our lives, and knowing that actualization is eventual goal of life. When we actualize, we would ideally benefit a lot of people because we would be doing our best, and sharing our gifts with the world.

42. How to be a better person- In a virtual world, be on video

This one comes from my experience of working virtually in the last year. It would be my personal endeavor to be on video as much as possible so that people can see how I talk, my body language as well on meetings, shows (of course!), and whatever else virtual meeting I attend.

In the absence of videos, life has become a giant podcast.

43. How to be a better person- Laugh louder

Be silly but be happy
Photo by A Koolshooter on Pexels.com

I aim to be one of the loudest laughter in any room I am in. If there is an opportunity to laugh, I will laugh, and I will be loud. If others stare at me, I will laugh even louder. You should consider laughing often as well. There is ample stuff available online to get you started, and then find way every day to laugh.

The sound of your laughter is the sound of life in you.

Yeah, I wrote that line, and I am fucking proud of it.

44. How to improve as a person- Read 10-12 books a year

How to be a better person- read. Okay, this is the minimum, but I need to make dedicated time for reading. They say leaders are readers and I agree. Those who read, tend to read because they have a lot of questions in their mind, and books help in answering some of those questions.

Reading and running/working out may be two of the best habits you can inculcate in your life. I have faced a lot of tough situations in life, and I have survived, because of reading great lives like Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller and the likes.

To become a more effective person, read regularly.

45. How to be a better person- Make time for solitude

I mentioned solo travel somewhere. The overall idea why you need to travel solo is because you need solitude. We spend most of our time with people, be it family, work, for friends. What we also need is time with ourselves.

The definition of solitude is the time that we choose to spend with ourselves. We need this time for reflection, thinking and planning ahead. I have used solitude throughout my life to take decisions about how I am feeling in a certain job, a relationship, a friendship. A few of those decisions have changed my life in important ways.

Make time for solitude, if you are to become a better human being.  

46. How to be a better person at relationships-Listen intently

I am not sure how good or bad of a listener I am, trying to work on it. Since I want to become a better listener, where people would want to talk to me, and feel I value them, because I do. I don’t think I am a great listener yet, but it’s something I would want to work towards.

How good of a listener are you?

Do you think you would want to become better? In order to become better, more caring human being, it’s important we listen, when listen.

47. How to be a better person- be mindful

How to be a better person- be mindful
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The definition of mindfulness is the true definition of life. Mindfulness means to be physically and mentally present in the present moment. If we are eating, we must eat mindfully. Or when are reading, we must give our whole attention to the subject of reading. If we are hugging, the hug must get full attention so that it is tight and healing, like it should be.

We must try and ensure that we are mindful in the present moment so that we can give it our best.

One genius said, and I quote:

Wherever you go, take your full ass

In Conclusion- How to become a better person?

If we want to become better human beings and better people in general, which is a worthy pursuit, we need to constantly check our behavior, and see what helps us and what doesn’t in being happy.

Happiness is the end goal or the purpose of life, and everything we do, feeds into it. The points above on how to become better are thought starters, and I welcome you to comment in, what you think we should do, to become better human beings. Better people make themselves happy and make the world a better place.

Why do I write this blog?

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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