The happiness poem to bring joy to your heart

the happiness poem
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This happiness poem is about the essence of happiness, and where does it live. There are not many poems on happiness around the world one has read, that about the meaning of true happiness. I hope you find it here.

I looked for happiness all over the place

There was none to find

This happiness poem is a story of the pursuit of joy

Will you hear, if you don’t mind?

I looked for happiness in money

I got some, but it faded away quite quickly

Was it really true happiness, I asked, honey?

I looked for happiness in people alone

But they changed too soon

And my joy was gone.

I looked for happiness in society, in vain

For when I looked deeper

I saw misery, I saw pain.

I looked for happiness in impressing those

Trying to impress me

And both of us lose.

I looked for happiness in success hence

But success without meaning lacked substance.

I looked for happiness by comparing myself with the world

But then I thought, doesn’t that make us all a herd?

I looked for happiness in travel and stays

Realized it lasted only a few days.

I looked for happiness in working hard, no less

And learnt that without direction, speed is worthless.

I looked for happiness everywhere

There was none to find

I felt as if for so much of my life I have been blind.

Alas, there is hope I tell you, let me confide

If you are looking for happiness

Find it inside.

Find it inside of you

That is where it lives

The one who finds happiness is the one who gives.

Thank you for reading.

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