A poem about poems


Poem O Poem
What are you?

Poetry is one of the most beautiful ways in life to express emotions. So many poets around the world write heartfelt poems to express how they feel. What is a poem, though? What is the essence of poetry? Well, I wrote one about it.

O Poem
What are you?

I have written a few
Read quite a few
Always wondering
Always thinking
What makes you great?
and refreshing?
What makes you, you.

O Poem
What are you?

Are you a song?
They compose you in rhyme
A little, here, and there
For you are not just words
But you are also music.
They blend words and notes of rhythm
To touch that distant chord of emotion
In the hearts of those
Who read,
And listen.
Tell me, are you a song?

O Poem
What are you?

Are you a voluptuous woman?
They drape you
In many a different way
To enhance your beauty
Whenever they have something
Incisive and compelling to say.
They smear you with colors
Lust after you and try to find meaning in you
Tell me, are you a woman?

O Poem
What are you?

Are you love?
The purest of all emotions
The unreachable
The elusive
Interpreted individually
Felt silently
By those who know,
By those who understand.
Tell me, are you love?

O Poem
What are you?

For me,
You are a song I sing
The woman who attracts me
You are the love I long for.

What is it,
For you?

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