Live in the moment- the past is gone, the future isn’t promised

live in the moment. The past is dead and the future is not guaranteed.

What is the meaning of moment, and what does it mean to live in the moment? Well, life is so uncertain that we should be freaking out if we don’t make us of the present that we have. So many of us waste our lives living either in the past or the future, when all we should care about is to create a moment to remember.

The past is dead

The yesterdays are dead. Let go. Yes, we should do future planning and all that shit but let’s try and figure how an everyday focus on what future entails can destroy what engagement with the present.

We waste our today’s because of yesterdays and future days. I think our only job in existence is to live one day at a time as happily as possible. We should do things which make us happy as work and try and make time for our loved ones-family and friends.

Future comes one day a time

If there is a future that shows up, it will show up as a real day one day and it will be present. I know this is rather a complex thought but this is how I want to look at it. All future planning assumes that a future exists. Isn’t there a possibility that it doesn’t even exist?

We don’t know how much we have.

The future may turn out to be entirely different than our plans. If we spend our days happily on a day on day basis, we would like to extend the today into the future. If we spoil our present because what the future might entail, the entire point of wanting a future is wasted.

A short story

Imagine a man named John whose focus for the year 2015 is to get a promotion and his wife wants him to take a trip to Paris this year. He doesn’t want to go this year because if he goes, he might forego his chances of getting a promotion.

He works hard throughout the year and during the process, he doesn’t get an opportunity to either spend quality time with his wife or take her to Paris. They have arguments on a daily basis since the wife wants the present to be beautiful and John is focused on the future.

At the end of the year, John gets a promotion and loses his wife. Not only he loses his wife, but he also loses the time they could have spent together with love only if he didn’t let his job overburden his life.

Another story about living in the moment

Anand loves his parents but he has a huge ambition to make a lot of money. They live in the city of Delhi. One day he gets a job offer from the US. His parents want him to stay but they don’t tell him. They don’t tell because Anand will feel that his feel his parents are obstructing his ambitions. No parents want their children to go far away from them.

“Mumma, I will come back in a couple of years only,” Anand tells his mother.

“Okay, son, fine, wish you stayed with in Delhi only. We are getting old and 2 years seems like a lifetime to me. Come back early.”Anand hugs his father who doesn’t say much, and leaves. A year passes by and Anand doesn’t come. His mother falls sick.

‘Beta, please come back,’ she calls out to him on phone.

Anand can’t leave US because he cannot get an equivalent job in India. He comes for a visit while his mother is in the hospital. She doesn’t want him to leave.

‘Mumma, just this year only and after this year, I will be back for good,’ Anand reassures his ailing mother before leaving again for the US. Anand does return after a year. He lost his job because of recession.

He comes home to a mother who is terminally ill and doesn’t wish to speak to him.

The years that passed by have been lost forever.

The third story about living in the moment

A boy meets a woman in a bar. They like each other.

The guy is studying. The woman is in her mid 30’s. It’s an odd couple. They wonder if they have a future because the boy’s family will never accept this relationship and the society will not accept it either.

They spend time with each other knowing that they don’t have a future and one day, they will have to part and go different ways. Years pass by and the boy finishes his education. The relationship was never disclosed to anyone at his family.

He parts with the woman he loved for many years because it was time to leave and marry someone he could spend the rest of his life with.

In Conclusion- please live in the moment

I have realized myself somewhere in one of these stories that the question of living in the present or the future is a complex question. There are no easy answers. In the last story, my heart says that he should stay with the lady he has loved. Having said, if I were the character, I am not sure, if I could do it myself.

We don’t recover what we lose today for what we might have tomorrow. . Let’s live in the present and for the present. The future will take care of itself. Look at life as a process of creating happy moments, and hence, live in the moment.

You may enjoy a few ways to find happiness in the moment-instantly!

This is not the most convincing piece I could write. I will try again.

Thank you for reading.

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