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Instant happiness-20 unusual hacks to be instantly happy (by a stand-up comedian)

How to feel happy instantly? Hold on and drop everything you are doing right now. Are you looking for instant happiness? I am going to try and make you happy while you read this post-like right now, as the title says. I promise. Stick around to be instantly happy.

Sometimes, when you are in a negative space mentally, it is difficult to understand how to lift your mood fast or what would make you happy right now, so it is a good idea to look up for suggestions. In the list that follows, we would look at ways to get instant happiness.

Let us go. I am going to make you happy-I promise. You just have to do exactly as I say. I am going to use my skills both as a writer, and a comedian to try and bring a laugh and at the least, a smile on your face.

1. Close your eyes – breathe in and out

Breathe in and out, to feel happy instantly
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

As I said, I am going to make you instantly happy, but you need to cooperate. Close your eyes, breathe in and out 10 times. One breathe in and out in 1 count. Men-stop looking at the girl. Just breathe in, and out 10 times.

Are you done? Breathing is an extremely powerful exercise to find instant happiness and peace. It relaxes your mind and helps you realize that you are alive. Are you feeling a little better-just a little better?


2. Look at this picture of a sleeping cat for 2 minutes

Cats and women do what they like. Let them do it for instant happiness.
Photo by Pixabay on

Hey, you said you would cooperate. I don’t care if this gets a little silly, as long as you smile. So, look at this picture of this sleeping cat for instant happiness. The thing with cats is that they don’t give a fuck about what’s happening with the world, and can sleep peacefully, even if there is a nuclear war going on somewhere. Is that too much of an exaggeration? Fine, that’s okay.

We can learn from cats how to not give a damn about what the world thinks of us, and just do our thing. Did that bring you a smile?

3. Shut down your gadgets and say hallelujah

Shut down your gadgets to feel instantly happy
Photo by Samson Katt on

Alright, do not shut down your mobile phone or the laptop-whichever device you are using to read this article. Shut everything else down-your tab, kindle, gaming console-whatever you have.

Just shut down everything and say hallelujah.

Did you say hallelujah? See, the point is that we think we take so much pressure on ourselves every day that we think we run the world. We don’t. Nature runs the world according to its own rules, which we cannot understand.

Drink your pride. Shut down the gadgets for an hour at least. Okay? Good.

4. Here is a dog craving for love

I don’t have a dog-yet. But, I am sure I would get one soon. I spent almost an entire year (2020) watching dog videos for 20 mins a day. Don’t tell that to anyone. Those videos gave me instant happiness. Dogs are just so adorable, loving and lovable. Now, even when I go and run, or walk, I pat the street dogs. Dumb bastards they are.

Dogs are adorable. Get one for instant happiness
Photo by Zen Chung on

Love can drive us mad, but it makes us happy.

Have I made you happy so far?

5. Take your finger out of your nose

I got you. You had your fingers inside your nose, or somewhere it shouldn’t have been. Beneath your garb of sophistication and intelligence, you are, after all, a normal human being, who happens to do silly things unconsciously every now, and then. Stop doing it- I am trying to make you instantly happy here-cooperate.

6. Here, I am sending you a hug

Here is a hug to make you instantly happy
This is the best I can do with a virtual hug early in the morning

This is me-sitting in my room in some part of India, a stranger to your world, sending you a hug. I want to tell you that everything will be alright, no matter how things may seem difficult right now. The world is a nice place, and you are not alone. Hug me back, in comments. Don’t be a prude-hug me back.

7. Stare at the moon or sunlight for a few minutes

Look at the moon for instant happiness.
image of mix moon phase with full and waxing crescent and half moon on black background.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the moon is? It is just gorgeous and it eats itself every now and then- and so the shapes of the moon keep changing every day. Do you think the moon is a little retarded? No-just me? Okay.

If it is sunshine in your part of the day, look at the sunshine. The sunshine is yellow. It’s beautiful. It is the sign of hope every day. It is a sign that says that today would be better than yesterday. Feel thankful for being alive-would you? Stop making faces.

Have you find instant happiness so far? I am not done yet.

8. Go in front of a mirror, look at the person, and say I love you 5 times

Say I love you to yourself for instant happiness.
Photo by Sam Lion on

Look at a scientific level, I recommend at least 5 times. However, if you are feeling deficient of love, you can say ‘I love you’ at least 10 times. Don’t do it more than 10 times in one go, or your family may get worried.

The point is self-love is important in a world where people are trying to put conditions on you, before they would love you. So, make sure you love yourself-just don’t bite your skin in different parts of your body.

9. Get a pen and paper

You are with me so far-aren’t you? Take out the finger out of your dark areas. Now, you have a pen and a paper? Now, write down the below:

I believe in myself-10 times in a row.

Are you done? Now, look at it for a minute. Now, say to yourself-‘Your name, I believe in you.’

For example, ‘Amar, I believe in you.’

Do it-now. Remember, we are creating instant happiness.

Are you feeling good?

10. You have water somewhere about you?

crop young woman drinking water from reusable bottle
Photo by Anna Shvets on

Drink water. Just assume that you are always dehydrated. Even if you have to go to the loo every now and then, have no mercy on the pot. Just release the piss, as it comes. Drink water-you are always dehydrated, stupid.

11. Here is a happy panda for instant happiness

Happy Panda- instant happiness.
Google Images

This is an image of a happy panda-to make you instantly happy. Pandas are adorable looking animals. Just look for more panda pictures later when you are done reading this post, and feel happier.

12. Sing a song you loved as a child

I really don’t care if you are not a singer-that’s not the point here. All of us loved some songs as kids, and those songs were mostly stupid. As adults we now realize that innocence makes us do stupid stuff, and one of those stupid things was to sing really bad songs.

Do you remember a song you loved as a child, and now think it’s silly? Please sing that silly song- do it right now.

Was that fun?

13. Massage your nipples with mustard oil

Alright, no, don’t leave the post-what do you mean who does that? Alright, if you don’t want to do it with mustard oil, use olive oil- you pretentious chap, but do it. Listen, if you are reading it in your office, I suggest not doing it, unless you work with a company which would happily allow you to do it. I massage my nipples often, it is fun.

Move to the next point when done.

14. Call someone you care about, and say I love you

Call and say 'I love you' to someone you do. You would feel instantly happy.
Photo by Ono Kosuki on

Yeah, you said ‘I love you’ to yourself a while back. To love, is one of our core desires as human beings, in addition to being loved. Call someone who you love and say you love them, even if they don’t reciprocate. You do your bit.

 Are you done? Do you feel happier?

If you did it- I bet you do.

15. Cup your palms

Cup your palms, and place them on your eyes. Hold on for a minute. Now, bring your palms down, and kiss them. No kidding-just kiss them.

Do as I say- I am trying to make you happy. You can giggle as you do that.

16. Look at greenery

Spend time with greenery in nature to feel instant happiness.
Photo by Maria Orlova on

Do you have some trees around where you live? Just go and look at the trees, the leaves and the greenery overall. Green, they say, is the color of peace. If you don’t have trees around, may be some plants in your home, or grass in the outdoors. Look at greenery. It would make you feel calmer and peaceful.

Are we good?

17. Straighten your spine

Sit straight
Photo by Steshka Willems on

Did you just notice that you were sitting with a crooked spine- that’s what most of us do unconsciously all the time and it puts pressure on all spine. This is how you are sitting right now.

Sit straight, and look straight. What do you mean this doesn’t make you instantly happy?

Look straight, whatever it is in front, and say to no one in particular, ‘you swine!’

18. Order something unusual to eat

Order something new to eat to feel instantly happiness.
Photo by Gabby K on

Call up your favorite restaurant. But do not order the usual. Order something that you haven’t tried before. Even if the experiment fails eventually, you would have learned something about a new dish.

Do not order a live crab. I am not sure that’s a good idea.

19. Clench your facial muscles

Make a face to feel happy instantly
Photo by Rachel Claire on

Did you know that your face is the face you show to the world? Oh, you knew that? Never mind. That sounds like an odd statement anyway. Just while reading this, take a moment and make a tight face. Clench all of your facial muscles. Do it, now. Make a face.

Risk being stupid to be happy

While your face is clenched, take your tongue out, and visualize yourself.

20. Are you smiling already?

I think I should have made you laugh, or smile through this post. I am really good, and sexy. Okay, ignore the sexy for now, since you can’t see me. But, are you smiling. Here is poem for you.

Smile, please. Please, no. Oh, come on. 

Do it now, 

Jiggle on your belly, 

Belly freeze. 

What a stupid poem 

But, smile please.

21. Bring that paper where you wrote you believe in yourself

Helen Keller is one of my biggest motivations in the world. She was rendered blind, deaf and dumb at 19 months and lived for 88 years. If she believed in herself, so can you.

“Never bend your headAlways hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.”-Helen Keller

Always, look the world, in the eye.

22. Place your right hand on the left side of your chest where your heart is

Place your hand on your heart. Say, it will be right. You would feel happy instantly
Google Images

Alright, this is the last exercise I would make you do, to try and make you instantly happy. Your heart is in the centre of your chest, towards the left. Place your right hand there, and tell yourself-

Everything will be alright, just keep going.

Did you do that?

I love you for being with me throughout this post, and doing the stupid exercises I suggested here.

This is the silliest post on this otherwise, intense blog. But I really wanted to create something to make you happy instantly. I hope, at the least, I managed to make you smile. Life may be hard, but it is possible to be happy.

I want you to be happy and tell you that your life and your happiness matters. 

Looking for more ways to be happy, which are not as instant as the ones in this post?

Here, they are:

Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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