The solitude poem- you are not lonely

solitude poem

This is a poem about solitude-the chosen loneliness. I call it the solitude poem.

I walk a lonely road

Once a while, someone joins me
For a while only, for it’s tough out here
So, they leave, to their safe abode
I walk a lonely road

Sometimes, I want to be left alone

Without a care to spare
Without any hand to hold
No one to talk to
Alone and cold

There are days I seek company

Of the ones who understand
Sometimes, I find it
Mostly I don’t
But to have company for the heck of it
No, I won’t

So, I have myself to talk to

I have myself to walk with
This is how life intended my mold
I walk a lonely road

A lot of people confuse solitude with loneliness. They are not the same. When you choose to be by yourself, you are not lonely. You are lonely only when you want a certain kind of company and you don’t get it. By that rationale, a sizable proportion of the world is lonely, because they are with people who don’t understand them, and hence they feel lonely.

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