How to find real happiness that stirs the soul

When is happiness true? What is real happiness? We should know what do we feel like when we feel really happy. Let us try to understand the meaning of real happiness.

This post is going to be a lot of fun since we are going to talk about how it feels to be happy. Not that you don’t know how it feels to be happy. You do, but considering the narrative that plays around in the society around happiness, it does get confusing to identify a simple thing that when or not you are happy.

Tell me honestly, don’t you know how does it feel to be happy?

I bet you do. I am just going to help you understand that you do. You know how it feels to be happy. Haven’t you felt it in the past? May be you can’t put it into words.

So, what does happiness feel like?

Happiness feels beautiful. When you are happy, you feel that life is beautiful. There is joy in your heart. There is meaning and purpose in your life.

What does beauty feel like?

We say that happiness feels beautiful. What’s beauty? Beauty is the presence of emotional, mental and financial security. It is the knowledge that you love and you are loved. Beauty is the knowledge that you love your work, and find meaning in it.

Happiness feels beautiful.

What kind of people are happy?

If it feels beautiful to be happy, why isn’t everyone happy?

Everyone is not happy because it takes a certain kind of mind-set and attitude to be happy. People who are happy have a specific set of beliefs, which make them happy.

What are those beliefs?

1. Gratitude

Grateful people are happier.
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Gratitude is one of the key attributes of people who are happy. They feel gratitude about being alive, and having a shot at life. They get up in the morning feeling thankful about what they have, while they work on what they want. Happiness starts with being thankful for what you have.

You feel happy when you are grateful for life, for your education, when you are grateful for people who love you. There is true joy when you feel grateful for people you love, for work you get to do. There is real happiness when you are grateful for everything that you have been blessed to have.

Try it right now. Close your eyes, and offer gratitude to life, nature or god, whatever you believe in, for everything you have been given.

Remember how happiness feels? Real happiness feels beautiful.

2. Love

When you are loved, you are happy.
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People who value happiness value love. They know that it feels beautiful to be in love. If you have ever been in love, if you have ever felt yourself drawn towards a person so deeply that you want to make them happy, bring a smile to their face, and that would make you happy, you know what we are talking about.

The feeling is exhilarating. True happiness feels beautiful. It feels outlandish. It takes you away from a normal state of an elevated state of existence.

Have you been in love with a person? If you haven’t been for whatever reasons, you should dare to be in love. If you haven’t felt how to feels to be in love, you haven’t quite felt how to feels to experience this kind of happiness.

Fall in love. It’s a fall that you need.

3. Passion for work

It feels exhilarating to do work you are passionate about. You experience real happiness when you do that.
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We can’t answer the question what is it like to be happy without asking if have ever felt passionate towards what you do? Have you?

If you haven’t felt driven towards your work, you may be missing how to feels to be happy doing what you love. The society isn’t quite geared towards this kind of happiness, which is actualization in the words of Abraham Maslow. When you actualize, you and your become one and the same thing, and you don’t need to work anymore since work is fun.

It feels incredibly beautiful to be able to do work that doesn’t feel like work. You feel blessed to be able to arrive at that point in your life since most people never do.

Most people in our society do work that feels like pain. That’s the reason work is not a source of joy for the majority of people in the society. People who value happiness value doing work that makes them happy and that’s the only way they are able to give their best to it. You would not give your best to work that you don’t have any emotional connection with.

When you are passionate about work, it fills your days with beauty. Happiness feels beautiful.

4. Peace

Happy people are peaceful people/
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It feels peaceful to be happy. Happiness is not possible without peace. When you are happy, you have reached a state where you have been able to marry self-awareness with your life. That is a reason to feel peaceful. Peace is one of the key inputs to inner happiness. People who are happy have achieved peace in the process.

Peace is a feeling of quiet contentment that you have been able to take your life in the right direction. The direction matters way more than speed because most people are going quite fast in the wrong direction, and then they wonder why don’t find peace, contentment or happiness.

Happiness feels peaceful, and peace is beautiful.

5. Excited

Real Happiness makes you excited about life.
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When you are happy, you are excited about what life has to offer. You don’t feel dull or morose about life but excited about the present, and the future. You believe in life and the beauty of it.

Excitement is contagious and beautiful. People who are excited and enthusiastic about life infect others with their enthusiasm and inspire them to be happier as well.

6. The desire to live

People who are happy have an intense desire to live. They don’t speak in survival terms. They don’t speak ill of life, since they value it and want to make the most of it. Since happiness feels beautiful, they want to experience more of it, and want to live as much as they have been blessed with.

7. Happiness makes you want to do more of what makes you happy

Happiness feels so good that you want to do more and more of what makes you feel happy and alive.

It feels so good.

Once you realise that something or someone makes you happy, you naturally are driven towards those people or those activity. So, whenever you find yourself irresistibly drawn towards things or people, you want those things or people because they make you happy. You don’t want to let go of things that make you happy. Do you?

8. Goose bumps

You have goose bumps when you experience real happiness.
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This is one of my key definitions of happiness. Happiness is natural and organic. You can’t deny it. Think back to a moment or two from your life when you were so happy that you had goose bumps. That’s how it feels to be happy.

When you are so happy that you have goose bumps, that’s the kind of happiness you want to reach. You want to be so happy that your skin tells you that you are happy. Skin doesn’t lie and so you need to do things that make you happy in your skin.

9. Being yourself

When you are happy, you feel that you are being true to yourself. Nobody can be truly happy living a pretentious life. You feel happy when you are being true to yourself and it feels beautiful to be able to create a life based on who you are as a person.

The kind of happiness you feel because you are being you is beautiful.

10. Calm

When you are happy, you feel calm because you have achieved something significant. Most people struggle to find real and meaningful happiness. Therefore, when you are happy, you have earned the right to feel calm and poised inside yourself. You don’t feel insecure inside. You feel calm and a sense of peace prevails inside of you, which is beautiful.

Let is now go back to the question we wanted to answer. What is it like to be happy?

It is beautiful to be happy. You are happy when you feel peaceful, calm, excited, grateful, loved, and passionate about your work-look forward to life when you are happy. This is how it feels to be happy. It feels beautiful. Wouldn’t you want to feel it?

Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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