Importance of happiness in our lives

What is the importance of happiness in our lives? Does it even matter that we talk about happiness? Well, to be brief, happiness is the most important emotion in our lives. We try and understand in this post why happiness matters in our lives.

This blog is about happiness. With every post, I have tried to answer questions about how to reach a more happy and fulfilled existence. However, I haven’t looked at deeply why is it even important enough to be happy. In this post, we are going to look at the why of happiness. What is the importance of happiness in your life? Are you excited?

Why do we even need to be happy?

Happiness is the purpose of life.
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Is it not enough to merely survive and carry on with life without thinking about these deep philosophical questions that should be thought over by the Buddhist monks or something like that?

Why should you be happy?

Hey, it matters. Your happiness matters. It matters to me that you are happy because you are reading this, and you came here looking for an answer to this question. You want to know if your happiness matters, and I want to tell you that it does. Your happiness matters. You matter.

There is a simple answer to the question why do we want to be happy. We want to be happy because it is better than any other feeling or emotion that’s available to the human life. There is nothing else that feels as beautiful as happiness.

How are you feeling as you read this?

There is a certain emotion that you are feeling. It could be frustration or pain. It could be joy as well. If you have lived enough to understand yourself a bit, you have felt all of these emotions at some point in your life.

Think about those emotions. Everything you do in life is aimed at a certain kind of emotion. Most of the stuff we do is aimed at making us feel more loved, peaceful, cared for, successful or happier. Those are the key output emotions in life.

Out of all these emotions, happiness lives at the top. The importance of happiness can be summarized in one line.

Happiness is the only output of life. Everything else is an input.

Think about a time when you were deliriously happy. If may be close in the past, or it may be farther in the past. Go to that moment in your mind’s eye. Think about how you felt for a minute.

How does it feel to be happy?
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I hope that brought a smile to your face. You were happy in that moment. You felt special in a different way. It could be because someone professed their love for you, or because you achieved a goal that you really cared about. Those are two significant ways to be happy. You also feel happy when you make others feel loved, and help them find their goals. Well, speaking of ways to find happiness, I wrote a detailed piece about it, but this is about the why of it.

When you are happy, your entire being- your body, your mind is exhilarated. In my book on happiness, I called it happiness in your skin. Have you been so happy that you have had Goosebumps? I am sure you have been. All of us have had a few moments in life when we had Goosebumps. In those moments, you learn the importance of happiness.

Goosebumps make you realize the importance of happiness

Have you ever thought that you can’t quite cause Goosebumps? Goosebumps are an organic expression from our body about how we feel. When we feel too cold sometimes, we have Goosebumps. Sometimes, when scared, we have Goosebumps. We have Goosebumps when we are immeasurably happy.

Although there is no way we can live a life when we have Goosebumps of happiness all the time, the idea of to try and create a life where happiness is a frequent and sustained visitor rather than a once in a while guest.

The importance of happiness lies in the fact that it is the only purpose of life.

You owe yourself to be happy.
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Your happiness is the purpose of your life. It is not bad to realize that your happiness is the purpose of your life, not the happiness of your parents, not that of your partner, not that of anybody else. The truth is you cannot make anyone happy if you are not happy yourself. Happiness and sadness are infectious diseases, as infectious as corona virus.

Does that sound like a good reason to you to be happy?

The important thing is that you live your life at your best when you are happy. Happiness is as much an input as it is an output. You cannot create more happiness without being happy at the outset. You can’t start with grudges, negativity and complaints and expect to be happy.

When you are happy, life is worth living. You look forward to your days because you like your work, you appreciate and admire your partner, you have friends who you admire and who like you. Happiness creates a positive vibe inside you and you carry it everywhere you go. You try and make other people happier as well.

When you are happy, you enjoy life, and do not look at it as a burden. A lot of people look at life as a burden because they are not happy. They don’t look forward to their days and find no joy in living.

A lot of people are just surviving.

We are not born to survive.

You know who survives? Animals. Animals do not have the consciousness to understand the importance of happiness. They get up in the morning and their entire schedule rests on survival. Stray animals hunt for food, and once they find it, they eat and go back to sleep. The only thing animals really do besides survival is fuck for reproduction.

We, humans are not meant to survive. That is not for us. We have been blessed with a mind that can think and we have the capacity to feel happy. Our job is to figure out what makes us happy and do that.

Animals are meant to survive. We are meant to live.
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The problem with most people in the society is that they have designed their lives like those of animals. You ask them how they are doing, and they say that they are surviving.

People go to jobs they hate and live their lives with people they don’t like to produce kids with them. Of course, that’s survival. The problem is they continue to exist just like that. They are okay with it, and they don’t seem to revolt their survival.

Revolt your survival and fight for your happiness

Fight for your happiness.
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Do not accept survival as the key basis for your life. Don’t accept it. Fight it with all you have. Start claiming your right to be happy and do the things that bring joy to your heart, no matter how small. Start making yourself happy.

Once you find the little things that make you happy, then look for the bigger things like work that would make you happy, and a romantic partner who would make you happy.

Fall in love with life. It is a direct flight to happiness. Love makes you care about things you do. You feel an emotional connect with them and hence they are not superficial anymore. Superficiality is the lack of intensity. That is a problem with the current state of our society. Superficiality is everywhere and depth is so rare.

Stop caring about what people tell you to do

Stop caring about the world. They don’t matter. All that matters in your inner world. Your happiness is the most important thing about your life. Care for it. Care for the smallest details. Do not do anything that doesn’t make you happy. I know that will be difficult and may require a complete redesign of your life. The question is are you ready for it? Are you convinced that you need to be happy for life to make sense?

Let me come back to the question I started this post with.

Why do we want to be happy?

We want to be happy because that’s the only thing that matters in our lives. It is the purpose of human life. We want to be happy because it makes life meaningful, so we feel like getting up in the morning because there is joy in our days, and meaning in our hearts. We want to be happy because Aristotle was right when he said that happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

I want you to be happy because helping people find their happiness is part of my life mission and I am only getting started. I hope you will help me in my mission to make the world a happier place by doing your bit to try and be happy. Will you?

Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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