Workout motivation-have a GREAT WORKOUT

workout motivation-get the blood moving

Are you looking for workout motivation? We could help here. Workout is one of the most powerful, and easiest way to live a happy and healthy life. There is no reason you should not invest in it. Let us see how you too can find workout motivation, and get that blood moving.

So, I have been working out for about 10 years and had a great workout this morning. So, I thought I should just write a piece about how to have a great workout, which gets your mind and body ready for the day. Health is one of the most critical areas of life to be happy. Take care of all types of health.

Repeat on a loop: Morning is the BEST time for working out

Now, I am someone who works out at any time of the day. I go for a run at 1 in the afternoon if I could not get up in the morning and I have no hope of being able to go for a run in the evening. Having said that, that’s not the best time.

Mornings, before the sun is out are the best and will be the best time for working out. That time, the roads don’t have much traffic, the sun is waking up and only the most dedicated people are there in your gym or the park. There is no better time than the mornings when the birds are still chirping. Figure out how you may want to do this, but exercise in the mornings.

Workout motivation- Do NOT carry your mobile phone

If you are serious about exercising and working out, then don’t carry your mobile phone. It is irritating to see people trying to run/walk/squat and taking a peek at their mobile phones.

Keep the phone away for an hour of your waking day. It won’t hurt. And more importantly, you will be free to concentrate on your mind and body and soul, if you feel one. I don’t.


Exercising, especially running is not a social activity. Do not talk to people when you are working on your mind and body. There is the rest of the day to talk.

Well, there could be exceptions like you have to talk to the hot girl you have just seen because you are single and she smiled at you. But otherwise, be by yourself.

Carry water

Water is life, especially while you are sweating. Don’t drink a lot because then you will have the temptation and the urgency to release water, that is, piss/pee, which will distract you and take you away from the objective.

But carry some water, a small bottle to take a sip because you will sweat and your mouth will get dry. So, you can take a sip and keep going.

Measure to inspire you and keep the workout motivation going

Measure your workout by time/distance, whatever you are comfortable measuring and stick to that. It will help you in setting goals and working towards them.

Yeah, that’s it. The picture is there to attract attention. I would look horrible if I wore that.

Thank you for reading.

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