Live for today, a poem

The below follows a poem about the importance of the present moment. So many of us waste life for tomorrow’s and in regretting the past. Live for today, that is all you and I have.

I tried to live for yesterday.
It pained. Didn’t pay
I tried to live for the morrow.
That created in my heart; fear, sorrow
Today, is where I live now, alas

I have no future
I have no past.

live for today

What is the essence of this short poem on living for today?

This is the shortest poem or the post on this blog. But, it is just so beautiful that I am keeping it. Your past is dead, and you would never be sure how many days you have been given.

Do not waste your present for either your past, or your future. The present is all you have.

Do not listen to people who tell you to live for the future. Yes, you need to plan for your future, but you can’t live in it.

Do not delve much in nostalgia. You have had a great past and you have had a terrible past, but the past is dead.

Live in the now.

Thank you for reading.

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