What is the meaning of hypocrisy?

What is hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is all around us. You don’t need to search for hypocrisy’s meaning on google. The meaning of hypocrisy lies in human behavior. The society is full of hypocrisy. People do stuff they say they shouldn’t. They don’t do stuff they say they should.

Let us look for the meaning of hypocrisy on google itself.

We crave to be loved by people we love,
Humans crave to be appreciated by people we admire, but we don’t show it.

the meaning of hypocrisy is not doing things we claim to believe in.
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All pretense is at the heart of the meaning and execution of hypocrisy

We crave for food when we are hungry,
Humans crave for intimacy. But we don’t show it.

We crave for victory at pursuits we love,
Humans crave for freedom while bound in shackles, but we don’t show it.

We crave to depend while feigning independence,
Humans crave so much
and we don’t show it.

Pretense is the expression of hypocrisy. Whenever there is pretense involved, because we are holding ourselves to a different standard than we would hold others, we are being hypocrites. It is important that we observe our own behavior for traces of hypocrisy. We are all hypocrites, in some way or the other, because we don’t always do the things that we want to hold others accountable to.

Some of us, in the society are just more hypocrite than the others. Let us fight hypocrisy, one person, one instance a time,

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