The freedom poem- for a free bird

The freedom poem

The freedom poem celebrates one of the most important values in human life-that of freedom. You were born to be free, but the world seeks to enslave you in its cages of conformity, social constructs and rules. Would you be free, or would you be a slave?

To sing, fly
Go as much as you care
To go as much as high

To do what you love
And do it at your pace
You just don’t want to compete with them
It has been and it’s just your own race

You don’t want to answer anyone
Your accountability is to the mirror
If you can look to it straight in the eye
There is nothing out there that can make you shy

Your convictions are worth a fight
If it does not make you happy
How does anything become right?!

So often you don’t fit in
Never ever have you followed the herd
Something inside you keeps reminding you

that you were born
You were born to be a free bird

-The freedom poem

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