So, where can I find happiness?

Only if we know where happiness resides, we would be able to find it and make it a part of our lives. You wonder, ‘where can I find happiness,’ and hopefully, by the end of this article, you would know.

Happiness lives inside your heart. However to be able to create happiness inside your heart, you need to know where can you find it in the world so that you can feel it inside your heart.

I remember someone mentioning on one of my LinkedIn posts that if happiness lives inside of us, then why should we look for it outside?

Well, happiness needs to be created outside and felt inside.

You can’t create it inside of you. You need to work hard to create the happiness after you have found it.

So, where does happiness lie? Where can you find happiness?

Well here are a few suggestions on where you can find happiness.

Your relationships

Find happiness in relationships.
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One of the key sources of happiness is relationships. Your relationships with your family, friends and even colleagues matter a lot to the extent of happiness you feel. If those relationships are healthy and productive, you would find joy in your life.

The relationships with your friends and family are based on love. If there is love, there is happiness in relationships. If there is no love, there is no happiness. Love is a complex emotion. However, briefly, it is a combination of understanding and acceptance. If there is understanding but no acceptance, love does not work. If there is no understanding, there is not even a possibility of love. The problem with love is that either it is there or it isn’t. It is an organic emotion. One cannot create love where none exists.

So, in order to be happy, you need to build relationships based on love. You need to seek out people you understand and who care to understand you, and then accept you.

If a relationship is not working, don’t let it just hang in your life for it may destroy your entire life. Bad relationship destroy life in all its parts, and hence the only way to deal with them is by eliminating them.

So, you can find happiness in relationships. Seek it.

Your work

Find happiness at work.
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Do you feel happy at your work?

The other place where you can find happiness is at your work. Now, majority of the world doesn’t find this kind of happiness. Most people are in jobs they hate, or not even like.

However, a few people who have been blessed to do work they enjoy have shown that it is possible to find happiness at your work. When you do something that comes naturally to you, you find joy in your work. It takes patience and perseverance to get better at any line of work. However, you would only be patient and persevere at something when you have a natural inclination for it.

You would not work hard at something you don’t enjoy or are not passionate about. That’s why it is important to find your passion so that work doesn’t feel like work anymore.

In order to find your passion, you need to marry your natural inclinations with your work and find work that you find exhilarating. Work is not meant to be painful. The society has made it painful by prioritizing material success or inner happiness and that’s the reason majority of the world finds work as painful.

The only way to find joy in your work is by doing what you truly love and care about. It may take time to build a career, but it would be truly satisfying.

Your school/College

Find happiness at school
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If you are a student, you can’t find happiness at work because it doesn’t apply to you. However, you do have a school or college where you go every day to study. My school and college life wasn’t happy. I was a dumb student and quite lost, although I did fairly well overall in studies. Mathematics destroyed my school life, and I spent most of my time thinking about that. Being shy, I didn’t have many friends. I was shy not because I wanted to be an introvert. I was shy because I didn’t have any confidence.

Stop wasting your student life on subjects you don’t enjoy. If you want to be happy as a school or a college student, you need to realize that these are some of the best days of your life where you are not even responsible for your own life, and your parents are taking care of you financially.

Take the time to enjoy yourself and form the foundation for the rest of your life. Start focusing on subjects you enjoy and work as hard so you can get passing marks in the subjects you don’t enjoy. Participate in extracurricular activities like debate competitions, extempore, speeches etc. Your communication skills and stage presence would be more important than all the academic credentials you collect.

Make friends who encourage you to do things you are good at. Student life is one of the best times to make friends. So, make some.

School and college life is meant to be happy, not painful, just like the rest of our lives.

Your own company

Happiness in solitude
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If you don’t like the person you are alone with, you are in bad company.

You can find happiness in your own company when there is no one to enjoy yourself with. You should only spend time with people you like and admire and nobody else. If you don’t find the kind of company you want, spend time with yourself doing what you enjoy.

Want to go for a movie? Go for it. Want to go dancing? Go for it. If you want to go shopping, go for it.

Do not hold your happiness just because you don’t have anyone you like to share it with. More importantly, always remember, that it is better to be alone than in bad company.


Find happiness in travel
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Travel is a great answer to the question where can we find happiness. You can find happiness in traveling to beautiful locales around the world. The world has beautiful landscapes, beaches, mountain peaks and the likes.

When we travel and get away from the humdrum of life, we feel refreshed and excited about life. Ideally, you should love your routine so much that travel is only a change of state. To be honest, if you don’t find happiness in your routine, it would be difficult to find happiness while traveling as well.

If you enjoy your routine, travel would be added joy that would take your happiness levels to the next higher notch.

Little things

Find happiness in little things.
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They say that the little things are not the little things because they matter. There are so many little sources of joy, and only those looking for happiness can find it.

Consider the few below:

  • The winter sunshine
  • Bonfire
  • Wine and beer (you may say scotch and vodka, which is cool)
  • Great food
  • Laughs

There are so many ways to look for happiness in everyday life that if we look for ways to be happy, we would find them. Sooner or later, we find what we seek.


Build a positive and happy attitude towards life
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There are people who don’t have as much in life and still they find more happiness than other people do. Why is that? That is because your attitude to life determines the level of happiness you feel on an everyday basis.

What does attitude mean?

Attitude is how you look at life. If you are a positive person and have a healthy attitude to life, you would find joy in everyday life, compared to someone who is constantly negative about life.

Negativity saps the joy out of everyday life. If you always look at things you don’t have, compare your life to that of others, and constantly feel that you have less than what you have, then you would not find happiness, no matter how much you are blessed with.

Gratitude or the absence of it determines the level of happiness in people to quite an extent. People who are positive have high levels of gratitude. They are able to be thankful for the blessings of life, while they work for what they want in their lives.

A positive attitude breeds positivity, growth and happiness. When you breed positivity, you find your happy place, within you.

A negative attitude breeds negativity and decline.

Therefore, it does help to nurture a positive attitude to life since it helps in finding happiness on a regular basis.

So, where can we find happiness?

We can find happiness everywhere, given we design our lives around happiness, and not social conformity. The problem is most people mirror a miserable society which is reeking with superficial materialism.

If you want to be happy, start planting the seeds of happiness in every area of your life. You need to root out negativity that’s taken the spaces in your life. Don’t care about how old you are. You still have time, if you are alive. You can find happiness at work, in your home, in your school or college, in your social lives. You can find happiness everywhere with the right attitude. You can find happiness within yourself.

Happiness is yours to be taken. Go and take it!

Thank you for reading.

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I appreciate the time you spent in reading the blog and wish you happiness.



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