A Mother’s Day Poem

This is a Mother’s day poem-for the special woman in your life.

I can’t say it in enough words

To convey what I mean; in poetry or prose

Mothers are the only rendition of Utopian love

There will never be anything as close

She is not smart

She is not tough

But I know that she cares much

And that has always been enough

She has never said, ever to me

That she loves me and I know she won’t

Her every act, her every word, her every question

In anger or irritation, in jest or in care

I know that she loves

I know she is there

It’s not a matter of today

These days, are mere symbols

To acknowledge what happens day on day

That’s perhaps what mother’s love teaches us

To give, to care, to be

Without the pretentious veil

That love is not quite what is said

But how it makes you feel

It’s on you to ensure that she knows too

Love is in the knowing of the one you love…

That you love

Not your way

But their way

To you, my friend

Reading this poem…

Happy mothers’ day!

-The Mother’s day poem

Thank you for reading.

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